Thursday, February 9, 2012

Not My Type

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  2. Wow I wish I had Ryan’s self-confidence…

  3. Second one is bull shit. That will be all. Thanks.

  4. Inviented bullshit.

  5. Can I delete my comment about Ryan’s self confidence? It’s even less funny if it’s inviented.

  6. I’d LIKE a free-wheelin’ life, but I didn’t get one. It IS pretty damn simple, though.

  7. Life sucks ass.

    Else wtf am doing here?

  8. wow. Until cassie enlightened me with the wisdom and shit, I thought I’d be stuck watching that drivel forever.
    Now I can free wheel.

  9. Ryan, take a GODDAMN SHOWER

  10. Dani’s a moron, but he/she is right. I’ll bet the inventer of school is turning in his/her grave.

    Ryan was fraped by his dad.

    Cassie is really into cycling, and prefers a hand brake.

  11. Ohhhhhh! Free WILL. Fuck tequila, it just fucks up my analytical thinking.

  12. ^don’t you try and put my wild free wheelin’ lifestyle up on blocks.

  13. Quick history lesson for you fuckwits:

    – School was inviented by Gary Glitter and Jonathan King after a drunken night on the tiles back in 1982, it was intitally seen as the best way of meeting new friends and was in no way meant to serve as a predatory child zoo.

    Taken straight from Wikipedia.

  14. ^ Is it still considered history if I was there?

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