Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy “Graduation” Squib

Let’s help Squib out. JOIN HERE!

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  1. 75 is too cold?? Wow! Well, this weekend it’s supposed to get up to 95 and my ass is going to be on the beach allll weekend, I can’t wait!

    Nuff, oh jeez, seeing how you’re really twisting my arm, I suppose I will have some tequila. However, I will have to then change my name to katynopants… or holyshitwhere’dallmyclothesgoandwhydoesmyasshurt. LOL nosah. Maybe.

    I think someone put some whiskey in my coffee.

  2. wait wait wait, 75 is TOO COLD?
    i’d kill for 75 degrees..

    and if i lived in where Squib lives, i would totally go. haha i love it & i hope he can pull it off.

  3. 75 is too hot in my opinion.

  4. Wonderbread, it’s not too hot if you take your pants off.

  5. lol Katynopants. I like it.

    And yes, 75 is too cold! I like 80-85. I was raised in the desert and now live where it stays roughly 110 with the heat index, just the way my body is programmed. I am wearing a sweater right now because my A/C is blasting on 72. But my daughter LOVES it cold, so whatever she says goes. lol

  6. I’m holding you to that name change katypants, and they will be mine from then on when the time arrives for our little shindig. I’ll apologise in advance for that feeling in your backside.

    Eusa, Spain is still in it and they have a great chance until they meet Argentina.

  7. LOL Katynopants, you should start taking some ibuprofen on the quick like, get it built up in your system to ease the pain.

    Sweet, go Spain! lol

  8. Eusa, I’m sure I will find something to take of yours too. Don’t worry. Mind you, I don’t know what your name means.

  9. alordslums…no, soas doesn’t mean everything to me. In fact, it kind of pisses me off. But that’s because I understand how the whole university works and I actually know the people who study there. But what I hate more is people who go to the other London universities who look down on soas because they see it as ‘alternative.’ but whatever, have fun getting a job with whatever shitty average degree you got at ucl.

  10. Which name change in particular, nuff? Perhaps I will reserve both of them now and use them interchangably depending on how I’m feeling. Like now at work: katypants. Home later and knee-deep-wasted: katynopants. After our shindig: holyshitwhere’dallmyclothesgoandwhydoesmyasshurt. And with regards to your apology; I hope you’re not writing checks your body can’t cash 😉

    eusa, I’m not too worried – remember only half of the shindig is sexing multiple partners; the other half is hardcore street drugs… I think I’ll be covered pretty well haha

  11. Oh yea, I already forgot about the drugs. I will make sure to add an extra baggie of heroin or two . . .

  12. …better make it two. It is a party after all.

  13. gilbert. listen to yourself. you sound really bitter. where is the bitterness coming from, i wonder…?

  14. maybe you should take a leaf out of squib’s book, and chill out.

  15. No worries Katy, None of my cheques have bounced, they are always good. I’m sure the rails will help numb it at first. And eusa! We can do the heroin and frollick in the streets during the orgy.

  16. Hope Squib’s parents aren’t online or the gig is up…

  17. on facebook is what I meant…Monday brain on a Friday.

  18. I know you guys already know this… but I feel it needs to be said. Under *no* circumstances will dead babies be allowed to crawl on the ceilings.

    I’ve just had them painted.

  19. No, definitely no celing-lurking dead babies allowed. Aaack.

    I do love to frolic, however, so we must do that.

  20. ceiling*

  21. Frolicking is a must… no doubt. Dead babies on the ceiling are banned. I will try to think of more while on my break.

  22. lol

    None of us will be later getting our arms amputated, either.

  23. Ohhh, nice reference! However, enough tequila and that last scene could probably be done during the orgy part of our party. No diet pills though, heard they make you go crazy.

    Nuff, I hope you’ve got a big checkbook.

  24. CommentsAtLarge

    @attendees of the Katynopants party

    I think Dan’s bible burst into flames, so good show! Does a bottle of Everclear get a fella an invite? 151 I got, I can pick up the 190 from a friend in Illinois on my way through… 😉

  25. Squib is actually quite lucky, i doubt my friends would organize a faux-graduation for me… Squib, i hope you are appreciative.

  26. @katypants & eusadnama i gotta hit this party! i’m a neo feminist though so i have to wear a shirt, but bottoms are optional

  27. isn skwib in harry potta?

  28. Mmm His Hair Smells So Human

    I deffo going to this party, I even have a mate that hangs around soas.
    I want him to keep pretending to have acheived stuff for the rest of his life, eg. married, kids, job, home, nobel prize.
    His parents will be so proud, but in reality Squib just lives in a cardboard box and eats from the bin outside Gregg’s.
    I want this to happen so bad that I might even sponsor this fella.

  29. Comments! You are more than welcome, and 151 is definately a ticket in. We are going to need more lube though… Isn’t Illinois famous for corn? You might want to bring a few of them too.

    Oh, singularity, the key is no pants… Tops on may leave more for the imagination! What do you have to contribute to the goody bag? Alcohol? Lube? Porn? Vegtables? Street drugs?

  30. If you don’t contribute to the goody bag, you can’t come to the party!

  31. CommentsAtLarge

    @Pantsless Katy

    Everclear, lube, and ears of corn… better stop before I leave Cali; that kind of shopping list will draw some attention in the midwest.

  32. @ nuff

    What/where is P.E.I? (I think that indicates I’m not from there!)

    All of this Katy talk is confusing, it’s my name too.

  33. @kamarate-Katy
    Prince Edward Island. Really tiny island just off the east coast and is a part of Canada, eh. If you could bring some meth with you, you’re welcome to the party.

    I got a fat cheque book.

  34. hmm i live in the valley, like two hours from l.a., it get like 112 here, but i HATE it. been here my whole life and i can not get used to it.

  35. CommentsAtLarge


    Antelope Valley? ’cause that sounds like desert heat. If its San Fernando, damn didn’t realize it got that hot there.

  36. San Joaquin Valley, where i’m at 106 to 110 is an average summer. you start sweating by 7 in the morning. icky.

  37. CommentsAtLarge

    Good grief – icky indeed.

  38. Am I the only one that thought of Harry Potter when they saw the word squib? Before I read the info I thought maybe the group was a joke about giving a squib a fake graduation from Hogwarts or something.

  39. I did, too, ksleeve. I just kind of skimmed it and was confused until I read it again.

    Then it annoyed me that Squib seems like it’s every other word.

  40. dan_fargis: dude, what the fuck are you still doing on lamebook? In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this ain’t virtual Bible class. Go fuck yourself, release that frustration that you’ve been building over the last few posts and chill out.You are like a hemorrhoid here.

  41. Squib has some of the best friends ever

  42. I really hope ‘Squib’ is his real name. :’D

  43. @nuff

    Sorry, from the Isle of Wight (south of England). No meth around, although I could probably get hold of some smack pretty easily.

  44. What about that massive meth lab they found on the Isle of Wight?

    ( … seventh paragraph)

  45. This can only go horribly wrong….I’m in.

  46. dan_fargis cracks me up.

  47. PraetorianXVIII

    what kind of retard fails classes in undergrad?

  48. @ pratorian – yeah it was dumb of me, i dont have much defense

    @hesaidwhat – HAVE FAITH

    @oh…hey… – sorry my real name is saquib, if it makes you feel any better only my parents call me that 🙂

  49. I’m not sure, but I suspect this may be fake- I found this guy on Facebook, and it says he graduated from SOAS in ’07… also searched for him on the school website, and he isn’t listed on there at all. Could be wrong though. I’ve gotten really good at internet stalking.

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