Thursday, September 20, 2012

Deadly Posts

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  1. They died holding hands, not because they held hands.

  2. But how can you be sure, beatus?

  3. science, motherfucker.

  4. They should just change the name of this site to douchebook and get it over with.

  5. Americans should learn what ‘douche’ means and then use the word in context.

  6. hosing out sandy vaginas.

  7. ^May we simpy say Quarib instead?

  8. *simply

  9. @1 Beatus, if you read the full story he had cut off her hands and held them while she bled out. So it was both.

  10. that’s so fucking romantic ❤

  11. think for a wee moment, Quarib.
    if all words were spoken only in context, there wouldn’t be any fucking swearing. and how shit would that be, you silly cunt?

  12. # 3 MsAnne – whereas I approve of your riposte, one word: dimethylmercury.
    Science right back atcha, motherfucker 🙂

  13. you’ll never get to kiss me now.

  14. 🙁

  15. I hear that kissing ms anne is like tonguing a donkey’s anus.

  16. I hear the soothing roar of the latest sad someone who’s been butthurt.

  17. How did you know? In fact I enjoyed my colonoscopy, I would definitely recommend.

  18. how did they even know where to stick the tube on such a complete asshole?

  19. Leprosy, motherfuckers.

  20. @17 Hey, itzmurda. New user name aaaaaaand nationality. Nice touch.

  21. He had a stroke while strangling her during sex. She was trying to rip his hands off but decades of arthritis made it impossible and by the time the paramedics showed up rigor mortis had locked them in that position. They just incorrectly assumed what had happened.

  22. @Rightbrain, so how did HE die?

  23. Choked on the spurting blood. Like Hendrix and Belushi. C’mon Beatus, just read the damn article!

  24. ^ Why should I read it when your story is so much better?

  25. Et tu, beatus?

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