Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DeathCoaster Tycoon

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  1. I miss rollercoaster tycoon, especially trapping all the female guests in a tiny section and watching them attempt to reproduce..while peeing on eachother =)

  2. “attempt to reproduce..while peeing on eachother”

    No need to miss it. Just search Google.

  3. ^Not sure if safe for work.

  4. Man RCT guests were so bitchy. That coaster looks too scary. I want to go on something more fun than this merry-go-round. Make up your fucking minds idiots. You spend all that time building an awesome custom coaster and you wind up having to scrap it and use a pre-built one because the guests are a bunch of assholes. Go to some other park if you don’t like my awesome coasters, jerks.

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