Monday, March 15, 2010


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  1. Ok, Joey has a composition of 100% win.

    Stop whining Derek, you asked for it.

  2. lostintranslation

    I think I might just have fallen in love with Joey 🙂

  3. TheIncredibleMrGQ

    wow, i actually laughed out loud @ this. Nice one.

  4. Coulda been averted if Derek could stop getting realy pissed and fukn.

  5. lolshitwordplay.

  6. Well done Joey, well done indeed.

  7. Wow, something on Lamebook made me laugh again! Woot woot, it’s Joey’s birthday, blow a candle! :p

  8. Seriously. It sucks, but use some protection. And even then, it’s not always full proof. It does fail.

  9. Joey FTW

  10. Laughed out loud at this one!! And I really like how Derek can’t spell anything, but he capitalizes the first letter of each word…

  11. biggest WIN I have seen on lamebook

  12. Joey, you are my hero!

    Seriously. That was full of pure WIN!

  13. Well Joey that was Fukn perfect! I think I love you too…

  14. This made my morning! I just fell in love with Joey! Best post ever…

  15. Joey should get a job with facebook. His job should be going through all status updates and commenting.
    I’d offer to have his babies but…

  16. Oh, Joey, you silly, silly thing. I think I might just have fallen in love..with your comment. It’s the best. Go Joey!

  17. This is the best idea you have had yet not.ben

  18. Do they even teach sex-ed anymore?
    you’ld think after screwing it up the first time…holy crap, what a shit head.

    Wasn’t Michelle the one with the “little nig” pic?

  19. @ SeeBea I guess that Derek missed that one cause that has to be his “lil nigg” cooking unless Michelle is really popular LOL

  20. Joey = amazing!

    That is all.

  21. Only one solution for Dumb Derek: castration.

  22. LOL!

  23. EPIC WIN! I almost peed!

  24. Wow malteaser, a caps lock lol.
    You REALLY must be laughing at this one.


  26. It’s too bad Derek’s the one reproducing and not Joey. Oh, cruel world!

  27. I want to have Joey’s babies.

  28. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    The day malteaser goes all caps locks AND decides to live a little and throw in an exclamation mark is the day that I call set up on this… But still funny as all fuck.

  29. AWESOME! Joey is my hero. I am printing this and taking this to work. I work at Child Support.

  30. I appreciate the guy uses punctuation, but who taught these kids to Capitalise Every Word In The Sentence They’re Writing??? It stuffs up how you read it and it’s just dumb.
    Oh and Joey is right on the money 😀

  31. @MyJobIsTheSuck: Your condoms are full proof? Aaahahahaha – mayhaps you should buy bigger condoms to contain all that jizz(elle)?

  32. Derek..Derek..Derek…..I have a feeling this won’t be your last “Realy Fukn Pissed” status….

  33. Joey = epic WIN!

  34. Brilliant! Derek, not so much.

  35. I laughed out loud at Joey’s comeback. It made me finally register to this site.

  36. I want to fuck Joey, unless he’s a bear.

  37. What are condoms?

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