Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dealing with Pests…

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  1. I would crush your spider!

  2. Spiders should be strippers, they have nice long legs, and they have a firm, plump behind.

  3. Your mom’s a stripper.

  4. Because as we all know, arachnids are cheap, and easily corrupted.
    Like small town strippers. Or, apparently, Zatkins mother…

  5. And Steever with one of the strongest ‘come out of the closet’ gay-tements of the week.

  6. Yay Strippers!

  7. Well…in all fairness…Obama’s been trying to bribe us with small change for years. People seem to be falling in line with his bs like cattle lining up for the slaughterhouse.

  8. Moo.
    Gimmie my phone and my change.
    The man did say time for change.

  9. I hate I hate Stever

    That’s funny!

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