Thursday, October 3, 2013

In Other News

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  1. Why punish the guards for the students actions? Duh….

  2. In other news, the sky is blue, water is wet, and mobydkmn likes dudes

  3. ^ You solved the mystery!

  4. In other news, Stever fucks syphilitic crack whores in the ass and films it for POV porn sites.

  5. Steever….as much as you like you some men, my name is ‘mobydkmAn’. Don’t forget that “A”…like in ‘ass’.

  6. stfu

  7. And stupid me thought men had asses.

  8. I believed it to be more like “Moby the dick man” as in, you are a fan of the penis

  9. Why will the guards be severely punished?

  10. ^not sure?

    But why will the guards be punished?

  11. I hate I hate Stever

    Fuck you I hate Stever! You granny fucking tranny sucking worthless bottom feeder!

  12. IADT is an irish college, we call our police men “the guards”

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