Thursday, October 3, 2013

In Deep

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  1. He blows the BF for her!

  2. Stever’s been there many times. This one must resonate with you, gay boy.

  3. He needs to fuck her friend. Fuck her friend first and then she’ll take notice.

  4. Make her a mix-tape. Bitches love mix-tapes.

  5. Steever. First with the bj and anal remarks on an obscure website. Rock those goals bro!

  6. Thanks bro! First with all remarks!!

  7. C U N T S

  8. Just came to the realization that the comment section here is like yelling at your TV, berating players during a Sunday football game.

  9. ^Actually, no. My tv doesn’t tell me to calm the fuck down and sit the fuck back down and shut the fuck up like everyone else here that might get peeved at something i write.

  10. ugh friendzone. i can smell the fedoras.

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