Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Organ Updates

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  1. I guess his brain is on strike, too.

  2. So, if he knows??!

  3. Yawn.

  4. Defective User With Smoothy Buns

    I liked this one. I would have liked to know what Rod’s liver has to say now though.

  5. Nice one. Finally the go ahead to get pissed up as much as I like. Happy Christmas 🙂

  6. ahem

  7. Oh dear. I do apologise antixmas!

  8. i took the liberty of stalking rod’s liver (i wanted to know it’s reply too, #4). it was created by rod himself, and he was his liver’s first friend out of two. lame.

  9. curly i just saw your comment in number 5, it wasn’t why i was clearing my throat. i was testing the waters, i’m a new user, but i love that coincidence though 🙂

  10. Ha so do I, you made me laugh without actually trying then. Welcome 🙂

  11. I hate people on my Facebook who think they’re alcoholic when really they go to parties and drink so much they pass out within minutes just so that the next morning they can go ‘Oooh man, I better give up drinking for a couple of months, this CANNOT be good for me. Think I’ll just stick to the lager for a while.’

    Oh, and they’re seventeen. Fuck people.

  12. I lost my train of thought. Drinking to make people like you =/= alcoholism. Drinking to make people like you =/= you are am dickhead. To rob from Charlie Brooker.

  13. You am a dickhead. To rob from Charlie Brooker and not look like a twat in the process.

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