Monday, December 20, 2010

Let’s Share

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  1. Vigina?

    Also, I found “love you loads,” to be quite funny, out of context.

  2. Man, this is so funny, I forgot to laugh.

  3. @#2
    That joke is so overplayed and old, I forgot to laugh!

  4. Who gives a fuck about chipotle, other than god apparently?

  5. All of a sudden I want Chipotle.

  6. I don’t want chipotle, I just want the pot in chipotle….

  7. mmmm pot. The lesser known follow up to the hit smash MMMBop.

  8. Tracy loves Andrea loads, unlike the lack of love loads she will be receiving now.

    I tried…I too saw promise with the “love you loads” comment.
    @Tim, having His cock in your mouth would kill you. It’s just too holy.

    Justin, Blanche(Rue) was pretty hot for an older woman survivor of breast cancer. I suppose Dorothy (Bea) would have been a hot older butch type.

  9. Justin you should let a Dog fuck you in the arse…if you reverse the letters in Dog you get God…so it would be a bit like letting God fuck your bum bum.

    Andrea, my motto in life is ‘Argghhhh it burns, it burns!’…nope, sorry that’s my motto for pissing not life.

  10. I don’t think God has a cock. I think he has a godgina. Because when I wake up in the morning and I have my male essense all spilled inside my underwear, how did that happen? Obviously god had sex with me in the night with his godgina.

  11. I like the concept of a godgina but I would like to think God has a godvagenis. With a godvagenis he/she can procreate alone, which is pretty cool. It’s pretty cool.

  12. What? Andrea has a really weird motto…

  13. Pants14, Andrea also seems to be implying that women recover with no support from friends. To continue the simile, I guess it’s like a vagina recovers from a yeast infection without medication?

  14. Roosterbooster, that’s not God you’re thinking of – that’s the goddess Hermaphrodite.

  15. @CommentsAtLarge: There’s no such got as Hermaphrodite… its a combination of the names of the Gods, Hermes and Aphrodite.

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