Monday, February 7, 2011

Quite a Night…

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  1. STEEEEEEEEVEEERER! For the love of God, hearty and delicious STEEEEEEEVEEEERRRR!!

  2. OK i am new here, why do ppl shout STEEEEEEEEVEEERER for every post?

  3. @Maggie – because they are dicks

  4. I hope “Baby” was a dog, not an actual child!

  5. Nate must have been on a stag do!…. What?… Fuck Off.

    I once gave away a baby, I say ‘gave’ it was more like ‘sold’ and I say ‘baby’, but it was more like a ‘container of female illegal immigrants destined for the sex industry’

  6. @ Mama2One : Don’t think so. I got the feeling Kasey was very sarcastic, which had me laughing, for a change.
    Excuse me for being Wallace

    @ Maggie – Because this is the password to an exclusive secret society. And 1 V, all caps… edible’s in.

    Also, they are dicks

  7. See? Dick

    Why doesn’t anybody sell men?

  8. Why didn’t she do a Vicky Pollard on it & swop it for a Westlife CD? 😉

  9. Is that the missing deer leg or am I just delighted to be part of the secret society?

  10. You’re not new Maggie, if you were, your name wouldn’t have any capitals.

  11. @saffer, guess i created the account sometime back, not sure when, but never logged in much

  12. Test post to see how my name shows up. However, since I am here…

    the ARE all dicks, not ’cause they say steeeeeveeeeeer, but because they beat me too it.

  13. I’m pissed. I registered just to find out the answer to the last question. IS THE DRESS NICE?

  14. Before some self righteous douche nozzle corrects me, I meant THEY.

  15. I bet you also meant “TO it.” Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’m cranky because I can’t find my deer.

  16. Goodie! Who said you couldn’t learn anything from sites like these. Now in addition to judging the whole of the UK on mofo and PA’s comments, I’ll add Little Britain to the mix. I like to be culturally savvy.

    annieokie Check edible‘s pants…

  17. Problem solved. I found the fourth leg.

  18. haha. Swype sucks sometimes. But thank you kindly for correcting my mistake and even more for proving my point about those who correct people’s grammar/spelling errors.

  19. ‘ …Anniokie, okie, okie Annie. Annieokie, okie, okie, Annie… you’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by a SMOOTH CRIMINAL!’

  20. I am going to get my gun and shove it in a place where the sun might shine tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar I will.

  21. you can’t blame saffer, annie… i don’t think saffer is american.

  22. Poke the puppy, prod the baby

  23. no, not american. did i miss something?

  24. It’s ok, saffer. I didn’t reply because I didn’t understand it, either.

  25. @Mama2One: You do realize that Kasey was being sarcastic with her response? Seriously, who even asks “You still have baby?”…

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