Wednesday, October 2, 2013

GTA 21

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  1. Grand Theft Virginity I!!

  2. So the ‘stasch hides his identity well enough that he doesn’t need to be blurred, huh?

  3. Blurred for what? It’s not against the law to buy an M rated game when you’re underage, the store is just not supposed to sell it to you.

  4. The tash is realistic but the hair is just ridiculous.

  5. Where do you have to be twenty-one to buy an M rated game?

  6. I don’t know, usually you only have to be 17. Anyway, this fella looks like a proper pedophile, mustache and all.

    He’s not looking for a weekend of playing GTA V. He’s looking for a weekend packed full of underage birds playing his skin-flute at gunpoint in the back of his blacked out cargo fan…Somebody tie him up and throw him in the bay before school gets out!

  7. Lose the ‘stache and we’ll talk

  8. This guy should star in a 70’s porno flick.

  9. Hey stud, what do you want to talk to him about? The box of crusty socks next to the soiled mattress in the back of his rape van?

  10. That’s as good an icebreaker as any. I bet there’s a cute story for each one.

  11. Fine pal…Then do us degenerates a favour and creat us one of them thar cute stories for us to read. You’re creative, right? Here, I’ll start…You know what else is a great icebreaker? YER PENIS! ahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  12. *create

  13. He didn’t say he had to be 21, he said he needed ID, which he doesn’t have.

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