Friday, January 29, 2010

Deep Dishin’

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  1. I found an amazing status that so belongs on Lamebook, but sadly it’s about two hundred comments long, and I doubt they’d ever put that up.

  2. Haha @ Stuffed Crust!

  3. How much can you really care about someone fucking your ex? Especially when she can be hinted at in the conversation by evoking such wildly erotic imagery as “stuffed crust”… It makes her sound like an octogenarian with a flaky skin disease and a colostomy bag…

    Stolen pizza on the other hand… Stuffed crust no less!

    I just don’t know if I can ever eat stuffed crust again now that Chris has planted that seed…

  4. No one sees a pizza with their name on it and thinks “oh, someone left this for me”. This is either fake or he knew he was stealing someone else’s pizza.

  5. lostintranslation

    Perhaps he stole the pizza because the other Christopher slept with his ex? It seems like a fair payment…

  6. The dowry system in America sure is different

  7. i think an eye for an eye applies here… you’re even. I just hope they were both tasty…

  8. Maybe that’s just me but a stuffed crust pizza sounds much more delectable than a sloppy seconds stuffed crust ex…Or that bitch better be some super fuck your brains out rockstar porn queen or something.I’m just saying…

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