Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Delicious Delivery

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  1. I’d eat it!

  2. My favourite cake is still Tubgirl:

  3. until I looked at the check that said $7559, I didnt believe that…my… mom in-law had been actualie bringing home money in there spare time on their apple labtop.. there friends cousin has been doing this 4 only seventeen months and as of now repayed the debts on their villa and purchased a brand new Audi Quattro. this is where I went—– BIT40.cøm —–

  4. Why in the name of actual fuck are you spamming lamebook commenters?? Don’t you realize what kind of horrible people we are?? Has your stupid website gotten any hits? ANY AT ALL???


  5. What is that poor kid’s name going to be? I can’t figure out the first letter.

  6. Raylind… The poor thing

  7. carlosspicyweiner


  8. Looks like an oompa loompa dumping out a stillborn. And I think I agree with you PTM, do spammers really think they’re going to accomplish something here? Hell, they’d for sure have better luck with mormons, or your typical new to the internet aol email recipient.


  10. “you’ve got mail” …. Hahaha

  11. A woman’s tits should never be the same size as her eyes.

    Is Raylind a girl or boy name?

  12. do you mean the name that’s written in blue and surrounded by a blue border?

  13. My guess is that had it been a girl it’d have been called Lindray

  14. the irony is that theirony insists on stereotyping

  15. frankenstein-don’t be a sore loser, you got one upped, it happens.
    Kids names today are all over the place, at least it isn’t Apple……

  16. Do you know what one-upping is Tammy? The stereotype being that blue must be a colour exclusive to baby boys. Without input from the goofy bastard that chose that shitty name for their child, the gender may forever remain a mystery. Raylind doesn’t necessarily make it a boy. I’ve known girls to be named Bobby, and some unfortunate gays…err…guys, named Stacy. Really, all I’m saying is that your point/opinion is garbage, and Franky is WAY more fun around here than you are.

  17. ^ People don’t really understand. Baby girls can have whatever color their parents want, and it’s all good. However, a baby boy can have almost any color, with the exceptions of pink and purple.

  18. Fuck YEAH! In your face, Tammy. 8)

    Thanks Capn.

  19. Hey, That’s what I’m here for buddy! What kinda Captain would I be if I didn’t back up my First Mate! 😀

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