Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Friendzone Level: Outer Space

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  1. Fucking cock tease.

  2. If he wanted to be more than a friend he should have made a move when he first knew what he wanted. By now men should realize “pretending to be just a friend to get sex” doesn’t tend to work.

  3. ‘friend zones’ are entirely populated by average-ugly looking blokes trying to get superficial women.


  4. You can say anything you want as long as you follow it with Fact. … Fact.

  5. Boobs.


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  7. ^fiction.



  9. Thumbs downing only encourages me.


  10. Franky hit that one on the knob. I’ve never been convinced the whole friendzone thing existed, as I’ve never been exclusively friends with any girl I’ve met. She’s definately right though, and if it does happen it’s almost entirely the guys fault for not having the testicular fortitude to man up and go get him some! The friendzone is for pussies, and men who have way too much estrogen hanging around in their sac.

  11. Has anyone considered the possibility that she might be the one in the friend zone? “He’s not my boyfriend” sounds a little apologetic to me.

  12. Noobsauce, anonyone, and CapnJaques looks like you guys are going to be stuck with me until you can grow up enough to realize women are real people.

  13. ^Really? ‘friendzone’? Do you have any imagination or were you just being lazy?

  14. @12. Spoken like a true fatgirl

  15. So #12 created a username specifically for this lame book post??? Fucking weak. Do like the rest of us and stick with the 37 usernames that can be used in any situation.

  16. I feel like #12 is implying that women are asexual and live their entire lives with no sexual needs, thoughts, or desires. Most women are just as interested in knockin’ boots as any guy is. It’s really just a matter of compatability.

    I don’t think anyone here is objectifying women, were just being realistic. Everyone enjoys a good romping around, not just those of us lugging around a penis.

  17. Oh, and just for the sake of argument/discussion..Shadow? Have you considered the possibility that the op is a fag? Unless I’m completely blind I didn’t notice it saying anywhere whether it’s a guy or girl that posted this. 😛

  18. ^true, but the replier knows the poster, and didn’t seem to point that out or insinuate it.

  19. True, but he didn’t imply otherwise, either. It’s not usually normal to point out sexual orientation among friends when discussing relationship issues with each other. Without anyone pointing it out, the gender of both posters may forever remain a mystery. 🙂

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