Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lucky Fellow

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  2. I bet they were just rubbing each others heads with balloons and sticking them to the wall. Depending on how many balloons there were it wouldn’t be uncommon to get a little thirsty afterwards. Mystery solved.

  3. I find it much easier to type ‘to’ or ‘two’ then to reach my finger up to hit the 2 button.

  4. Is it also easier to type “then” instead of reaching all the way to the left and hitting that “a” for “than”?

  5. That’s not luck. That’s pure skill.

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  7. Touche jeffreyd.

    In my defence, I’ve just pulled an all-nighter. My inner grammar nazi must be asleep.

  8. My inner grandma nazi is always asleep.

  9. #6 you’re a fucking retard. His name’s not Jacob, its Ninjaa!

  10. Bacchante, your tumblr is fucked.

  11. Why, thank you! 🙂 When are you coming back?

  12. Oh, you’ve changed your thingy. that’s why i couldn’t access it.

    I knew I’d never keep up a blog. I’ll put something up tonight, maybe.

  13. If that was me I’d make the hookers buy their own soda

  14. Ah shit, click. Link now fixed xox

  15. The lamebook link doesn’t work for me now 🙁
    It’s points me to bacchantesrally, and my dashboard goes to the working one, vegan-bacchante.

    Congratulations on your switch by the way. I couldn’t do it myself, but I respect your choice/decision to go vegan, for sure. It’s definitely not for everyone.

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