Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Put a Sock in It!

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  1. Either show stocking feet on the picture, or show a dude robbing a convenient store. There’s no other reason to have a photo of someone’s head in a sock label.

  2. fucking advertisers. they’re just phoning it in these days.

  3. Oh hey! It’s almost like this was on Reddit today… oh yeah it was.

  4. Seriously? THIS made it onto two separate sites? FFS.

  5. Yeah they are not even showing the socks…

  6. ^I know, right? How are we supposed to know what we are buying?

  7. fuck all y’all

  8. “Convenient store”. Lol.

  9. @Beatus… huh? I’m assuming you’re confusing socks with women’s stockings that are (on TV) used to “disguise” a crook. Unless, of course, your head is shaped like… nevermind.

  10. @stubby: Beatus used the correct phrase. “sticking feet” is a common (though older) term used to describe anyone’s feet in socks.
    Also: “Their stockings were hung by the chimney with care” refers to the “socks” worn by everyone in the household.

  11. *ahem*
    that should read “stocking feet”, not “sticking feet”, above

    Thank you

  12. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    thanks for the clarification G val.

  13. No, Stubby was talking about the “stretching a sock over your head” part of my comment, to which I say: some men’s dress socks are actually stretchy enough to become hair nets, especially if you cut the top part off. Still, it only drives the point that there’s no need for a picture of a guy’s face on the label.

  14. ^ What would you rather see, some gross ass foot or a head? Although to be fair, the first guy’s head does look scarily like a foot.

  15. Heh, it does too.

  16. I’d rather see a nice foot covered by a sock. Do you think a sock company would put a gross foot on their label?

    Maybe they would, since they put a head there.

    Wait, maybe they’re Head brand Socks.

  17. so you can give Head for xmas?

  18. Absolutely. Who doesn’t want to get Head for Christmas?

  19. Careful there, beatus. MsAnne will probably send you a head for Christmas. Which is fine, unless Customs becomes curious.

  20. hah! wouldn’t it be hilarious to open up a package and see ol’ foot-face’s goofy mug looking up at you? Prolly with his phone duct-taped to his ear. And a pair of men’s fashion socks crammed in his gob.

  21. I already have a pirate’s head hanging in my garage, so I’m sure I could find a place to put another one.

  22. jesus. You industry guys take this shit waaay to seriously.
    For the last time;- Sharing files online is NOT the same as piracy.


  23. *too seriously.

  24. He was an ass pirate.

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