Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Everyone is Doin’ It!

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  1. Good call, Brian. I wouldn’t have sex with her after naming the kid Moosie either…

  2. I would; but only in the backdoor

  3. Would you at least pet her puppy?

  4. I think ‘sex’. Sex is going on.

  5. “Sex? Count me in.”

  6. I’ll tap you in, Hawkbit. I’m tired.

    *taps out*

  7. all I want for my b’day is a 3way with Bacchante and hawkbit.

    what are you guys doing saturday?

  8. LSD, and lots of it. Want some?

  9. I cannot imagine a casual sexual encounter without it.

  10. I’m videotaping a three-way between Hawkbit, Bacchante, and MsAnneThrope. This will be fun.

  11. ^and I’m gonna watch it online while I jerk off.

  12. Ha! It’s going to be hilarious when MsAnne and I have a bad acid trip and hack Hawkbit into teeny tiny pieces.

  13. that’s a bad acid trip?

  14. I guess the thought of three fat, sweaty and hairy men rolling around in the hay just does it for some people.

  15. Well, some people prefer 14 year old girls, so what are you doing on Saturday, sababe?

  16. Tutting, I think. She’ll be Tutting. and going ‘Tsk’ a lot.
    There’ll be moderate-to-severe levels of Looking Down Her Nose, too.

    And the swells of jealousy will top out at 10m.

  17. BDSM candidate?

  18. christian belly-dance instructor.

  19. Ms, that i reserve only for Thursdays, so Saturday i am all yours, to do with as you please.

  20. Hm, somehow I would not be surprised if MsAnne was a dominatrix.

  21. ^you know, I tried that for awhile. But I just can’t take that shit seriously. Subs are just sooo fucking needy. And falling about laughing while you’re fisting some poor spread-eagled fuck is considered very unseemly, apparently.

  22. You losers done sucking each others dick yet?

  23. ^Why? Are you still waiting for your turn to start sucking?

  24. Nah,i have something we called “life”. I just like watching mongoloids suck on each others non existing cocks from time to time. Don’t mind me.

  25. It’s a trap! MsAnne is a dude! Don’t fall for it like I did. I still have trauma flashbacks to that fateful day.

  26. This is true, but it seems Bacchante is not, so a three-way between two dudes and a woman isn’t so bad.

  27. “…isn’t so bad”? It’s heaven on two sticks!

  28. GrammerNut doesn’t need to wait in line for his turn to suck.
    He’s sucked from birth.

  29. I am already having sex and murder this Saturday.

  30. And drugs as well? Are you sure you can’t be swayed?

  31. it’s ok. it’s more fun when they struggle.

  32. Sorry, Bacchante. I didn’t mean that to sound bad. Yes, it will be heaven.

  33. Oh, I wasn’t aware of that. Carry on then. Live out my dreams!

  34. Okay lex, so I lived out your dreams over the weekend…and you are one twisted individual. I like it.

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