Monday, October 1, 2012

Devastating Effects

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  1. I spent the last 20 minutes reading the Lamebook posts and comments from the past week. It turns out there was a great Tesla post, MsAnneThrope called some people cunts, and now I’m caught up on the news.

  2. yeah, but in my defense, Bacchante, some people were cunts.

    welcome back. I’ve been (Alan)Jonesing for some Bacchante slap-downs.

  3. Lose the weight and you’ll get better boyfriends, and not be so bitter all the time. I know it’s hard watching your friends get guys up and approach them all the time and they act like you’re invisible. You can cockblock the guys hitting on your friends, you can sit here and call us cunts, or you can do something to change your situation and be happier.

  4. ^..or you could shut up with your whiny cunt bullshit that is going to achieve 3/4 of fuck all? maggot.

  5. LOL! #3

  6. The cockblock comment was funny so not really ‘fuckall’, but the saying is ‘3/5’s of fuckall’

  7. well then! if you found it funny, you poor, simple fuckwit, I’m fairly fucking confident it was as pointlessly shit as I first thought.

    because you wouldn’t know funny unless fox news told your fat self it was so.
    why not fuck off back to the suburbs?

  8. or

  9. oh noes! the ladiez are all being wooed at and shit by fat, socially inept, forever-aloners and I’m ruining all the best lines. how fucking terrible of I.

  10. it’s not the one liners you are ruining

  11. You two need to get a room and just have at it! The sexual tension between you two oozes off these pages. MsAnne, don’t forget the strap on–black, at least 9″–otherwise you’re going to have one pouty Berk on your hands the whole time. And all oils need to be peanut free.

  12. Why black? Why not day-glow pink?

  13. His application stated black.

  14. Fat socially inept forever aloners … brought you the internet…

  15. And here was I thinking it was because once you go black you never come back. Or go back, or some such…

  16. Back in Black, baby.

  17. RightB you like to spend a bit of time considering things to put in my arse don’t you mate? it’s all good, no judgements here.. just be yourself old girl

    @14 yeah, so that fat, socially inept, forever loner whinging bitches can have something to read

  18. but let’s face it; and really, I wouldn’t touch berk with your dildo, rightbrain3.

    I have a strict personal policy against sexual offenders. They tend to make my skin crawl.

  19. I’ve said it before Ms, just because you say something doesn’t make it the case. I know your ego is bigger than Paris but can’t you rope that sucker in just a little?.

    And don’t be such an ungrateful blowfly, you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for sex offenders

  20. that doesn’t make sense. you never make sense.

    “I tried to show off by relaying an occasion when I was quite clearly being a sexual offender, and now I’m trying to distance myself from it.” <- is much closer to what you should say.
    you just look clumsy as fuck.

  21. I never make sense… Maybe I’ve given you more credit than you deserve

    So everything posted by you and other people here are only ever literally factual?. No one posts anything for allegory, irony, sarcasm, or satire?. You suck the fun out of everything except the things that might actually make you ease up a little.

  22. read #20, rinse and repeat.

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