Thursday, May 31, 2012

Didn’t See That Coming

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  1. Seconded only by the infamous haberdasher “You’re all a pack of cunts”

  2. Kohl enjoys a little pain once and awhile.

  3. Where’s the interesting part of this picture?

  4. raiseyourglass

    Oh come on, are you new? This picture has been going around the Internet for ages. Do you really not get it?

  5. City planners? Really? I blame the sign maker; however, sometimes the stores get higher sign positions depending on how much they pay.

  6. This is fake.

  7. Completely real. It’s in Anderson, SC. 🙂

  8. dillwitit, yeah right. You are stupid.

  9. perpetualstiffy

    They don’t get top sign by paying for it. Signs go in order of square footage. Kohls has the most SF so their sign goes on top. Like all of your Moms.

  10. So are you saying that they all pay the same price for different square footage?

  11. ^Stiffy is busted. Of course, look at the user name…

  12. OMG there is a place called DICK’S and that is slang for wang…it is so FUNNY because you think of a PENIS being STAPLED.

  13. So wait, the funny part is that the person thinks city planners decide what order the signs go in?

  14. ^I guess. kohl’s inexplicably stapling dick’s sporting goods certainly can’t be it.

  15. unless stapling a hockey stick is a thing now?

  16. We have staples in England. It’s shit.

  17. escapedlunatic

    I see what the submitter was going for, but the apostraphe S’s makes it not work. It looks like the staples belonging to kohl.. is missing a verb, and then Dick’s Sporting Goods. Hmm, it could be Kohl IS staples the sporting goods belonging to Dick. Or Kohl is staples dick is, which makes zero sense.

    Maybe try actually reading your picture before submitting it, justsayin

  18. ^nice one.
    don’t you think if they were able to read it, they would read it?

    and you just rub their faces right in it – just like that?


  19. I live in that city. There’s a really good deli in that strip mall. No lie.

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