Thursday, May 31, 2012

Morning Quickies

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  2. Mike Tyson and Jeffery Dahmer weren’t on “bath salts”

  3. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    Ed Gein was probably the start of it all.

  4. I would be willing to have sexual relations with Jessi.

  5. ^ tool.

  6. 9, I’m willing to bet you’d be willing to have sexual relations with dead snakes and tree stumps, everyone already knows the smell of your desperation.

  7. Aww Yeah!! It made it on – Woo for slight internet fame ahah

  8. ^ Self-submitter. Sorry for you, Kristi. You’re about to be attacked.

  9. I thought I was funny ahaha! 🙂 It’s fine.. it’s the internet, someone’s always going to have something icky to say.. it’s cool 🙂

  10. ^I’m not saying one way or the other beatus, but doesn’t her enthusiastic response kinda resemble that bunne..fellow..well, I’m sure you can figure out who I’m talking about..

  11. Kristi – Elise, get a life. You are fake.

  12. Oh hey Kristi, this is kind of a “thing” around here, I’m sure you understand…Do you like anal? and don’t say no just because you’ve never done it. I’m not buyin’ that shit today, cuz, like, how do you know if you’ve never tried?

  13. Capn, I believe that girls whose name ends in ‘i’ are genetically predisposed to loving anal.

  14. I like Brett’s status, I may have to use that one IRL.

  15. Mega-boring today.

  16. Let’s hope so frankenstein, makes them much easier to identify!

  17. ^pretty sure you wont have trouble identifying them, sport. they’ll be in possession of the only vaginas within 500 metres of you.

  18. ^ Are you referring to the ladies who are paid to take their clothes off?

  19. ^the ones who are paid in crack to take their clothes off.

  20. See the next person who mentions a zomie apocalypse to me, well they get a punch in the face.

  21. So, then we won’t get punched in the face if we mention the zombie apocalypse?

  22. which zombipocalypse would that be, beat?

  23. The one that’s not a zomie apocalypse.

  24. right. because the undead are fucking notorious for sniffing out minor typos?

  25. Those damned undead.

  26. Ah fuck, I can’t even rant right. But you two ….. you two are getting it

  27. talking about zomies really just pisses you off that much, huh?

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