Monday, November 15, 2010

Dining Way Out

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    My second ben today

  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Actually I was the first Ben of the first post of first the day of the week and also the last Ben today. Do I get a prize? or some tits to play with? or both?

    Why am I ignoring the post? Because I would rather click mormon porn (Which was actually not bad).

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Uber-Username-Man strikes again!

  4. I wish it was easier to find these idiots on FB.. I would love to see some more posts by Jen.

  5. @dukey – for that, you can play with mine.

  6. Red Robin is better. Yummm.

  7. someone send Jen to Afghanistan

  8. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Mirror Dukey at least you have my name spelled right and you are using complete sentences plus you are not making me sound like a whiny bitch and you didn’t call Hobo a douche. All that puts you miles ahead of other people who have stolen my name so far.

    Although you loose points for not going the extra mile, someone actually copied my avatar picture and impersonated me.

    fleurdelesliePlay with your prize or your tits?

  9. Uber_Username_Man

    Darn you Dukey Smoothy Buns, Darn you and your avatar have thwarted plans! I will be back. 😛

  10. what the talk about with you people. That post is hilarious.

  11. What the talk about with you people..?


  12. Can someone tell me what kind of food is sold at Applebee’s?

  13. Crappy food, DanFluffy. They sell crappy food at Applebee’s.

  14. Hey Lamebook, saw this, thought you’d wanna know, facebook needs to chill…

  15. oh, and applebees sells good ole American food, that means its pretty sh*tty

  16. Jen takes Grandma to Applebee’s.

  17. Thanks Miss Shegas, is it as crappy as Popeye’s?
    I went to a Popeye’s chicken n biscuits on a US Airforce base once. After going in intrigued by the name, I ordered something that soounded delicious.

    The biscuits are scones.
    Scones and fried chicken in a basket.. Really??!

  18. Haha, I just looked at Jen’s profile and she has started a petition to cancel Presidents Day next year because Obama doesn’t deserve it.

  19. @dukey and fakedukey – Now you get to play with neither my prize, nor my titties. You spelled ‘lose’ wrong. (#8) That makes me sad. waaaaaaaaaah!

  20. Scones, I believe, are called biscuits in America. If incorrect please enlighten us. As for the post – Jen, really, you’re THAT stupid????

  21. Free Applebee’s is almost insulting. Yeah, you can have free food but it’s revolting. Next you can eat in this middle school cafeteria! Yay!

  22. scones are scones. At least they are in Canada, so I assume it’s the same. I think we avoid calling most things biscuits i North America because it sounds like something you would feed to a horse.

  23. Scones and biscuits are not the same. Scones are quite dense and dry. Biscuits are lighter and softer.

  24. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    fleurdeleslie No means yes, yes means anal.

    Also, you didn’t capitalize your proper nouns. What red-blooded male is going to want to play with the titties of a girl who doesn’t capitalize her proper nouns? I would still play with your prize though, but your titties? I think not.

  25. @dukey – oh, see…darn, that is another problem. I didn’t realize that you are a red-blooded male. I prefer the blue-blood variety. Looks like you are going to be “yes means anal” all by yourself tonight.

  26. You’re dense and dry, Walter.

    Just kidding…you’re lighter and softer.

  27. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    fleurdeleslie How did you know my dick is long enough to insert into my own asshole? Are you spying on me? what did Soup tell you?

  28. Thanks mass. You’re sweet and dabbled with chocolate.

  29. She asked if they had them in Afghanistan. She wasn’t saying they had them in Afghanistan. ?= a question. Is it that difficult to say, “no they don’t have them there.”?

    They have every other fast food place is almost every other country in the world, her question is not that far off base.

  30. I have a legitimate question about this legal fund business.

    Why are you guys getting in trouble, but f*il b**k isn’t? How come, some days you both post the exact same statuses? But you are getting in trouble, and they aren’t?

    What’s the deal with that? I need more explanation, considering this site was around long before f*il b**k.

  31. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    far off base


  32. The fact that there are no applebees in afghanistan is news to me, I think I can see now why we are losing that war…

  33. @dukey – Soup mentioned that you have a compulsion to lie about the size of your penis. But don’t let it get you down, I hear the ladies that frequent Applebee’s aren’t all that particular.

    Especially the ones in Afghanistan.

  34. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    fleurdeleslie I thought you just vouched for me in #25 :(? I guess Soup is going to need a refresher on being a catcher not a pitcher.
    Also I wouldn’t fuck ladies that frequent Applebee’s with your dick.

  35. I wonder if they have Popeyes in Afghanistan. I would definitely go if they did.

  36. There is a restaurant in Afghanistan that serves severed clitoris soup. Probably not free to veterans, though.

  37. I thought what Americans called biscuits were scones too – are they more like yorkshire pudding or dumplings.

    (What we call biscuits is what Americans would call cookies)

  38. American biscuit. Flaky buttery savory fist of bread dough. In the same genre as a dinner roll, or a cornbread muffin.

  39. Scones are like biscotti. Biscuits are what Scarab said. Applebee’s isn’t terrible, but it is cheap. Cookies are nummy.

  40. These scones are making me thirsty.

  41. Hyped up by the chance of some free nutritious Applebee grub, I quickly donned my wellies, green jump suit, stethoscope and bovine anal plunging gloves.

    Imagine my dismay at being told i was the ‘wrong type’ of vet.

    Applebee cunticles.

  42. I’ll just google it

  43. Scones are not like biscotti, neither are biscuits.
    Biscuits are slightly softer than scones, scones use heavy/whipping cream, biscuits use buttermilk IF they choose. Scones use eggs, biscuits do not.
    Scones are richer and slightly more dense. Scones also have sugar in them, biscuits do not.

    Also, not a single one of yous laughed at the exploding quesadilla? I must be having a boring day, because I laughed so hard I couldn’t stifle it enough to pick up the phone.

  44. I read that as “exploiting quesadilla” and was wondering how that is done.

    Most of the US type of scone is more like the top of a muffin than anything like a biscuit, however apparently the UK type of scone is more like what we call biscuits in the US.

  45. This reminds me of a conversation on ‘Trading Spaces’, when they had some of the UK ‘Changing Rooms’ cast visiting-

    British Designer: Nice braces you have there.
    Carter (American carpenter): Braces? These are suspenders?
    British Designer: Suspenders? Suspenders are used to support women’s stockings.
    Carter: We call those garters.
    British Designer We call garters the item used to support socks.
    Carter: Oh boy. Today is going to be interesting.

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