Monday, October 7, 2013

Direct Awareness

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  1. Who the fuck is posting posts like that? “I like it at 7am on the floor” I’ve never seen anything remotely like that.

    Anyway, 32C.

  2. Squeeze a boob, save a life? Jebus…the women already have all the cool sayings they need.

    Really, I am more of an ass man. Nothing more amazing than a perfectly sculpted butt on a woman. So this post sucks.

  3. ^I like this game.
    35 C

  4. why no prostate awareness month

  5. 46ff. This usually comes with plenty of ass as well for moby.

  6. More than a handful is a waste.

  7. PM Steeever for Prostate Awareness month info and your free monthly exam.

  8. With statuses like that, it’s his own fault if he gets raped!

  9. 32C

  10. I like whatever size breasts my wife says i like.

  11. “Take your girls out and get em’ smashed!” 36C

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