Thursday, September 6, 2012

Discreet Disclosure

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  1. I think the first symptom of gonorrhea is a constant duck face.

  2. Yeah, it’s totes obvs that you wouldn’t tell every1 lolol! #yolo

  3. Fake.

  4. How funny! Making yourself seem like a skanky bitch to all your friends and family and then “SURPRISE! No actually, I really am a skanky bitch”.

  5. what the fuck is a ‘fair share’ of STIs?

  6. ^Good point…personally, I think one is too fucking many. But, fair share? Does that…mean…she’s…sharing?

  7. doesn’t seem particularly ‘fair’, does it?

  8. Sharing’s caring.

  9. I think Aleta is Greek for “diseased snatch.”

  10. MissAnneThrope: your comment is very ironic. So, right…what the fuck is a STI? Your comment is equal to someone saying “your retarded.”

  11. ^?

  12. itzmurda: you are an STI. Your father passed it to your mother, and she has shared it with the rest of us.

  13. Obvious double frape is obvious..

  14. Bacc…you really don’t come here often enough. Diseased snatch. Beautiful.

    @Rubert, you should make a point not to fuck animals.

  15. itzmurda, “STI” is a misspelling of “STD.” Get over it, meat locker.

    MsAnne – Is STI what they call it in Australia; or was it truly a misspelling? You know, just to prove my above-mentioned point…

  16. An STI is a sexual transmitted infection. This term is being used more than STD now a days.

  17. fucking wait…what?
    did mongo really not know what STI meant? fuck! well, it’s senseless attack sorta makes sense now. in idiot-speak.

  18. *its

  19. Yay, I learned (learnt) something!
    Guess I’m too old-school to know that or something.

  20. STI is the politically correct terminology used in most places now. It’s like how shell shock got changed to battle fatigue, post-traumatic stress disorder, and now to try and make people feel better about the name they’re thinking about changing it to PTS instead of PTSD, people don’t like disorders, or diseases.

  21. I like how they changed leprosy to hansen’s disease.
    it was sorta hard to break the stigma on leprosy.

  22. I think I’d rather be associated with leprosy than Hanson.

  23. the band or the pauline?

  24. Filthy slut. Burn in hell.

  25. heh. i can imagine itzmongoloid when she gets the test results back from the doc:-
    “Positive results for 12 different STIs…- what the?! oh, who cares! I was so worried I had the clap!”

  26. The men she was with are just as disgusting. These men and women need to be incinerated.

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