Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cognitively Challenged Part 2

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  1. Part 2 bullshit.

  2. *too

  3. Bring_back_fingering

    *exploratory anal fisting

  4. ^ Looking for gold?

  5. somebody inbox me a hamburger

  6. Does anyone else think of sex when someone says to inbox them?

  7. ^No, we think of a private message. Let me guess, you have to notify the neighbors whenever you move into a new neighborhood, correct?

  8. ^Still circling the bowl, eh?

  9. Shouldn’t that be “sells“?

  10. ^ Not in Ebonics.

  11. ^ Point. “Who sell weed, mon ?”

  12. Ebonigs be funny yo.

  13. And no, that wasn’t misspelled. Get it now??

  14. The “Mexicans outnumbering the humans” quote is from several years ago. A racist old coot named Daniel Carver said it on the Howard Stern show. It was a running joke for years.

  15. @Crusty, Ebonics is different from a Jamaican accent.

  16. @Beatus, you say it like it makes a difference.

  17. Bullshit. Fuck off.

  18. It makes a world of difference, Crusty. People with the Jamaican accent will do voodoo on you and make zombies that eat your arms. People that speak Ebonics simply “bust a cap in yo asss.”

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