Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cognitively Challenged Part 1

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  1. If it’s outside of New York, New Yorkers don’t care about it.

  2. slicingupeyeballs

    That IS a good looking grill, it must be said.

    Hope the womenfolk are inside faffing about with poofy salads and bringing cold beer out to the blokes industrially charring those tasty deceased animals…

  3. Okay, hold on. There are two New Yorks. The city and then the rest of the state, which may as well be goddam Arkansas. And you know the lady wasn’t from the city because she was too fucking polite!

    As far as the grill it’s…wait…oh my god…Evilcow…is that you?(falls to knees, looks to sky) Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  4. ^ Dammit, I just lost my appetite. Thanks.

  5. ^I don’t know.. I’m kinda wondering now what annoying tastes like.

  6. ^Alright, I’ll bite. Chicken. It tastes like chicken.

  7. well if it’s dead and grilled there’s nothing to be done.
    i say we all be incredibly brave little soldiers and move on with our lives – never speaking of annoyingheifer again.

    it’s what i would have wanted.

  8. MissAnneThope says the dumbest shit that makes no sense whatsoever. And her gay buddy rightbrain agrees with all of her stupid remarks.

    That grill though…say subpost all you want, just invite me to the BBQ.

  9. @8 You’re a turd that just won’t flush.

  10. she’s been hurt, rightbrain. she’s been hurt and it left hideous scars.
    and now she wears those scars like ugly & deformed armor.
    and howls for alms when you pelt her with rotted produce.

  11. ^Just wait until the giant plastic cone comes off and he finds out there’s now needlepoint where his berries used to be. Hey shitz, you’re gonna wanna give it a few weeks before you start licking there again.

  12. Forget the retardation of this, that shit looks so fucking good!

  13. ^ What? That’s a terrible photo. It’s all yellow, the burger patties look dry, the hot dogs look like they just got there, and the ribs look cold and dry. It’s as if the guy making them just slopped sauce on everything to cover up his poor grilling ability. Just stacking a grill with a bunch of meat does not a chef make.

  14. Are you willing to prove your barbecuing superiority with some photos of your own, beatus?

  15. beatus can’t take photos. he doesn’t know how.

  16. Who eats fucking hot dogs anyway? Processed shit they scrape off the floor.

  17. lips and arseholes have to go somewhere Crusty

  18. when you’re around, they seem to go together.

  19. actually it’s your ass that gets kissed Ms, so I think you resemble that remark more than I

    may your ears turn into arseholes and shit on your shoulders

  20. I am more than willing, but unfortunately, MsAnne is right. I don’t know how to take photos of anything other than porn. However, I can tell you that my ribs are so good, they make vegans grow fangs.

  21. FOOLS!

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