Monday, March 5, 2012

Dishing Out the Goods

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  1. And this joke just needs a good punch line. Don’t call Bree…

  2. And when they are fucked-out you can just bury them in landfill.

    …in a, you know, respectful way.

  3. 9 likes too many

  4. this is crap

  5. Fuck katie

  6. Ahhhh well played msanne.

  7. Well dickfucks, let’s point out the obvious here. Vending machine- an appliance ? I THINK NOT.

  8. You think not? No shit. I never suspected you of thinking.

  9. Bree could use a punch. I’m sure it wouldn’t make her uglier.

  10. “call Vince” lol

  11. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Am I drunk at 5AM again or did a whole bunch comments just get deleted?

  12. They should delete your ^^ comment. Is your pic a cartoon getting taken from behind?

  13. Yeah, what IS that avatar, Dukey?

    In answer to your question, I don’t remember any extra comments after #10.
    You must’ve been drunk again.

  14. because my research skills are so fucking amamzing, i used the power of the net to find out what dukey’s avatar was.
    And wasn’t I simply overfuckingjoyed to find that it comes from a child’s cartoon called ‘Johny test’?
    so, thanks for that, dukey

  15. amamzing? fuck yes.

  16. What’s MY avatar?

  17. If I remember correctly, it’s a picture of one of your mates…

  18. Good memory, Bacchante.

  19. Balls. it comes from the FBI website. It’s a cropped id pic from a saudi passport.

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