Friday, May 6, 2011

Doggon’ Deal

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  1. uno!

  2. and u forgot to say that: it’s the most horrible dog in the world!

  3. poor fuckin mutt, someone should give you a shot Erik.

  4. Dogs are abominations.
    But if you fucking adopted one, suck it up.

  5. I absolutely love dogs, but this made me crack up.

  6. wandr and poopaloop,it’s pretty obviously eric is just kidding or at least doesn’t want to harm the dog.he’s probably loves that stupis smelly dog

  7. he*

  8. etownegeatgmaildotcom

    lmao!!!!!! ths might be the funniest one on lamebook, yet!

  9. Has he never heard of rescue centres?

  10. comparethemeerkat

    I love dogs, and the best thing is, someone will love Griffin. If Erik the wanker doesn’t put it on the streets.

    But he does make funny with the swearing.

  11. what an idiot…the dog deserves much better than his dumb *** owner

  12. you people just don’t know how to recognize a joke.*facepalm*

  13. wordswordswords

    pahaha I love this, that dog looks so retarded.

  14. rainyday, you can say “ass” around here. We’re not sensitive.

  15. plow. Seriously, my friend, you read waayyy too much into comments *facepalm*
    Well, at least mine.

    I do hate dogs, though. They are evil.

    lameygirl – he meant dumbkunt, I think. So he’s justified in using ***

  16. pterryndactyl

    just want to let lamebook know that “doggone” is a word.

  17. Ha! Talk about a picture telling a story. You don’t even need to read Erik’s comment to know how deranged that mongrel would be.

  18. Please Erik, do not have children. They are not as easy to dispose of when you have had enough of them.

  19. @4 Total agreement. Still, if I was going to get a dog, I’d probs get this one, since he epitomises everything about dogs…

  20. crustylovelips

    Too funny, reminds me of an article i saw in the “Sport” a couple of years ago about the ugliest dog, it’s owner had, quite aptly named it, “Spacker”. Oh, and y’all need to chill out, clearly a fucking joke.

  21. I blame Obama.

  22. So,uh, Erik… you *are* a piece of shit .

    If this is indeed a joke though, I have to appreciate the choice of photo.. that dog looks adorably retarded! <3

  23. Haha, really selling the creature there! I’m sure they had a queue of buyers half way down the street!

  24. That picture scared the shit out of me! I’m sure the comment has some truth behind it. Erik is probably living in misery with that thing.

  25. femalefitnessforlife

    Hahaha! I was fighting being offended by this post because I love animals and believe that a dog’s behavior is based on it’s owner’s treatment and dedication. But this was funny as hell and obviously in jest or at least good fun. I honestly think people need to be more upfront about their dog’s issues when rehoming, or else it’ll just be a stupid circle that ends in a traumatized dog being put down.

    Ack! Sorry to ruin the fun. What I mean to say is, even PETA members and their “I protest shit instead of get an education that could further my influence and abilities in order to change the wrong in the world.” bullshit can get that this is a joke.

  26. This might be the funniest thing on Lamebook yet. And I’ve been following you since the begining. I want that dog. Seriously. If you can ship him to Sweden, I’ll love him forever!

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