Friday, May 6, 2011

Wins Before the Weekend

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  1. I’m German and Jennifaa is… spot on. I promise.

  2. I’m Jewish and Jennifaa spells her name like a retard

  3. can someone explain the first one?

  4. Tom is a fuckwitt for acknowledging that (I assume) his son is in a lot of pain all for an unnecessary medical procedure.

  5. Michael has funny friends.


  7. the next time someone pulls that rick roll crap on my facebook i am going to do that. that song is old and has lost its humour

  8. oatmeal, is Jenifaa a real German name? Please let me know before I make fun of it.

    Lawson completely fucked up the Fresh Prince theme lyrics.

    mx22, see some years ago, there was this German guy called Adolf Hitler. He was a real asshole to the Jews. The German club does not want to follow in his footsteps.

  9. notwiththeotherhand


    being german too, i’ll allow myself to answer for oatmeal: please proceed to make fun of that rediculous name.

  10. notwiththeotherhand

    also: whats up with all the germans here?!

  11. I am a Jew, Not a German… Well technically I am German.. But not really.

  12. Remembering the days when a circumcision post would spark fierce debate in the comments section…

  13. Yeah, I meant to direct that comment to hoschiadedodi. Derp de derp on me. I’m a rah-tard, but with otherhand’s approval consider this me sprinkling ridicule on Jenifaa –> *****

    word, if it helps, I’ll say that I’ve never seen an uncircumcised penis in person, but I’m afraid it might freak me out a little. Like, it’ll be all hidden in there, right? I’d have to watch a bunch of European porn to prepare myself for it.

  14. notwiththeotherhand

    watch all the porn you like, nothings gonna prepare you for the horrors of uncircumsized penis.

    though my friend once tried to sell it to me by describing it as: “sausage wrapped in bacon”. and really, who can say no to that?!

  15. “the horrors of an uncircumcised penis” Spellcheck, facepalm, “the horrors of an unclipped ear”. You nimrod.

  16. @Hawkbit: you do realize that Nimrod was a great warrior – right?

  17. Nimrod was also a passable Green Day album.

    hand, I do like bacon though.

  18. nothing looks better an a circumsised vagina. all those pesky lips and clit getting in the way… psssh… snip!

  19. I’ve had limited experience with uncut members, lame, and in their flaccid state, yes, they are repugnant. But when they’re hard, they actually don’t look that different to their cut brothers. I like cut dicks and I can not lie, but uncut ones are just as good when it really counts.

  20. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    What the fuck is a gelt?

  21. crustylovelips

    Do you need to be an American Jew to get that? :S

  22. antiaphrodite

    Sorry, but I fail to see how the first one is funny, unless you automatically think any statement that includes Germans and Jews is hilarious.

  23. an uncircumcised penis

    it’s something unpredictable but in the end it’s right

  24. If you’re trying to un-ironically Rickroll someone in 2011, you deserve to have your status trolled.

  25. @ wordpervert – I smell a Weird Al cover of Sir Mix-a-lot!

  26. Wish I didn’t have part of my dick cut off, apparently sex feels like 10x better with the foreskin. Also makes you more likely to be a premature ejaculator. Oh well, I usually take too long to cum and end up breaking my gf as it is, so whatever.

  27. It makes me cringe, just the idea of a circumcision… Poor, poor child…

  28. 25.un1k3n

    ha! I thought I was the only one lol

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