Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Doggon’ It

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  1. Well now we know what was burning in her oven.

  2. fucken hell.

  3. She forgot the sponge.

  4. Stever isn’t here yet, Jenny. At least wait until he makes an appearance, ya douche.

  5. And what kinda fucked up, cheese-dick licking, inbred son of a fucking goat tries to burn their dog in an oven???? What nationality? I’m voting Canadian. I mean honestly, it would take a real fucking donkey to think that would work.

  6. I like how she says, “they just sit there and burn.” Did she expect it to run around?

  7. Idk how she could finished that post with a smiley face.

  8. TheGreatAndAbhorrentCthulhu

    Speaking of running around while burning: Beatus, have you played BLOOD? I am quite surprised to find it is still not bested by any other 18 years after the game was published.

  9. Hey hey hey! What’s with all this ‘she’ business? Have I missed small details again? This sounds more like some dumbass thing that a guy would try. I await all my thumbs downs – lay em on me. Mwuhaha

  10. ^ It’s the smiley.

  11. So her day was bad because was a dumbass and stunk up her house but not because her dog died? You’d think if she was trying to cremate it she’d be slightly upset it had died.

  12. ^ It died three days before.

  13. Idiot. Everybody knows you use a charcoal BBQ and not your oven.

  14. necrophiliac64258

    How has the human race come this far?

  15. Who the hell allowed her to own a dog?

  16. #9 – Debanem, many people may think it’s a woman due to the use of OMG, or the use of multiple exclamation points, or the smiley face, but I tend to think it’s because of the picture of the oven fire she posted about 6 or 7 entries earlier* (mentioning her husband had only been gone a month).

    *Also, don’t try to cremate your husband in the oven.

  17. Why not just bury the dead thing in your backyard; have a little header with a message, like penis, since you’re treating this as a joke, and how nobody would be disturbed by it. You could always pay a crematory to fucking cremate it..

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  19. Canadian? F-ck you. There is no way that asshat is from Canada. Even in the winter with the frozen ground…… Someone please call social services, this person needs attention.

  20. This post upset me deeply.

  21. ^ Me too. I learned that women have a poor reputation for using “OMG”, too many apostrophes and smiley faces.

  22. So part 1 is this post and part 2 is the “When the husband is away…” post.

  23. #6 They only run around in the funny cremations.

  24. This is most fucked up, disturbing, and most horrible status that I have ever read. Why….how…what the fuck was this person thinking?! If you cared for your pet, AT ALL, why would you find this kind of thing acceptable to try to do for them? Ugh…people make me sick.

  25. I hope the dog was dead before they put it in the oven.

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