Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Doggone It

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  1. madison010101: while i agree that feedlots, slaughterhouses, etc are horrible, beastiality is still abuse. That’s like saying rape isn’t horrible because, hey, at least they weren’t killed.

  2. Good one MyJob. I agree.

  3. Not really. People who’ve studied zoology have shown that animals are sexual creatures who sometimes initiate sex with humans and other animals. So animals sometimes do have consent when it comes to sex with humans. Not wanting to go in more details since it is Lamebook and all but I’m just saying that I wouldn’t stretch it and said bestiality=animal abuse when we’re still living in a society where inhumane treatment of animals in feedlots are still acceptable. peace.

  4. @46

  5. @53

  6. I’m pretty sure nobody held the dog on top of her. I can see how a man fucking an animal is abuse, but if a dog is sticking his wang in a human female, he’s doing it with consent. Just saying…

  7. the cat doesn’t seem all that arsed. Infact, it has a very content look on its face.

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