Thursday, July 5, 2012


Another amazing Domino’s story here

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  1. I Hate Domino’s both as a game and as a pizzaria!

  2. I don’t know what’s worse, cold pizza, or Domino’s pizza? Having both must be like a regular day in Hell.

  3. Agreed, beatus.

  4. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I love how Australia has so many towns with names that sound like embarrassing medical conditions; Wollongong and Cronulla are my favourite two. I once had a case of Cronulla, but it went away when I bathed the effected area in a mild salt solution twice a day for a couple of days. It was itchy as hell though.

  5. ^ So you never got rid of the wollongong, Dr. Chalk?

  6. Nope, sadly there is no cure for wollongong.

  7. Sadly? I’ll bet the ladies go crazy for a man with a wollongong.

  8. I feel like I should made a joke about Humpty Doo, because I lived there for a year, but I’ll pass.

  9. I noticed they did not respond to him…

  10. My current favourite is Burpengary.

  11. #9 – They waited another hour and 4 minutes before they responded.

  12. mcchickensauce

    im from wollongong and i totally agree – domino’s is rubbish.

  13. @beatus That is what I call superb customer service. Not.

  14. No. Just no.

    It’s actually a three-way tie for best Australian place name:
    (1) Mount Mee
    (2) Woodenbong
    (3) Bogan’s Gate (some fucker left it open too).

  15. Chucklez Norris

    Watanobbi on the Central Coast is another good one.

  16. Why would you bother with Dominos? Wollongong has so much delicious Thai. If I lived there I’d be eating at Thai Carnation on Crown as often as possible.

  17. Bacchante, if you lived in Perth, you could chose to live in Innaloo, or even Upper Swan.

  18. ^ Heh. I choose Innaloo.

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