Thursday, July 5, 2012

Snappy Snaps

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  1. A rather professional looking photo for someone that thinks we all have De Monds Disease.

  2. that fireworks thing really happened to me. only it was actual fireworks and not just the sex.

  3. @beatus: And can’t use the correct “their” on a permanent tattoo.

  4. @Nails: And doesn’t know the difference between “every one” and “everyone”.

  5. See, I was gonna say that one, too, but got tired of looking for all the errors in three lines of text.

  6. So okay… the fist one I´m like, the just been a serious accident, someone could have died!!! and you are standing around taking pictures of it?… the other I’m like if the is a god, I don’t he cares about you or the Dr. pepper can you’re holding… And last but not least the third one… You are so stupid and the fact that you alive and reached an age were you are old enough to have that tattoo… leaves me little hope towards the world of tomorrow! just saying!

  7. there has* there** Think*** I was so could in my rampage I forgot to spellcheck! ups

  8. caught up in* wow I’m just going to stop now!

  9. ^ God, you’re just fucking retarded.

  10. Everyone* Their* Demons*

  11. Child of May is into fisting.

  12. Demonds? Is that another Australian disease/town joke?

  13. The top pic keeps reminding me of some old guy’s baldy head at the beach this past weekend.

  14. I am WHAT?

  15. Childofmay: You DO understand that the person was taking a photo of the fireworks as it happened. The photographer had no way to know it would malfunction in the middle of his…..oh, nevermind. You’re probably too dense to get any sort of intelligent explanation.

    Yeah, he totally just stood there and took a pic of an event that “could have killed someone”. *eye roll*

  16. Demands would fit, too.

  17. It would be more interesting if someone had did die.
    Childofmay, springs to mind as an excellent candidate…

  18. *had did.


    so this shit is contagious?

  19. Hey, tattoo guy spelled ‘Osmonds’ wrong. Donny’s gonna be pissed.

  20. Childofmay–did May drop you as a child?

  21. Fireworks suck anyways

  22. Pretty sure that says thou, not there. But disgusting tattoo, regardless.

  23. and in which fucking language, exactly, would that shit say ‘thou’?

  24. That would be English, Annie.

  25. Upon closer inspection I think you may be right. Carry on…

  26. @18 MsAnne: ‘had did’ – now that shit is just funny! Maybe it IS contagious. It just turned Friday here like 8 1/2 hours ago, so hopefully it doesn’t hit me.
    Too late.

    @11 beatus: I just caught that from childofgay’s original comment. Nice catch.

  27. is that tattoo really “Treeman – cross – Every One Has There Demonds”????

  28. i think it is Freeman but the rest is just wrong!

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