Thursday, July 5, 2012


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  1. They should have just gotten these tattoos:

    “Fucking Knob” “<- I'm with the poof"

  2. I’m offended by Derek’s constant use of gay as an insult. No sane person gay or straight would get this shit tattooed on their feet.

  3. I got drunk once and thought it would be funny to jump off a deck. At least a broken leg isn’t permanent. I hope their tats hurt at least as much as that.

  4. Should’ve gotten a headscan too teeko.looks like the leg wasn’t the only thing broken.

    As for tatts….
    ” I fucked him”>>>> ” I swallowed” woulda been better.

  5. @2 notsousual: Are you kidding? You just got offended by something from a Facebook post that made it to Lamebook, and then chose to announce that? Too funny. That is GAY as shit. Are you gay? It’s a major insult to two supposedly straight guys.

    Derek played the whole thing well, and I commend him on his choice of words and grasp of the gay situation.

    Also, gay.

  6. I hate feet!, I do really really hate feet…
    I also hate dirt and things that are dirty, + hairy feet… hairy backs… People who gets lame tattoos, Spiders and Red meat.(I am a vegetarian).
    and oh one last thing I HATE the colour PINK!!!

  7. I didn’t know Hobbits got tattoos.

  8. @6: You’re also gay.

  9. @8: SO?

  10. @8: do you have anything against GAY people? And YEAH I am.

  11. I too agree that Derek is laying on the gay bashing pretty thick. Almost to a degree of jealousy that his bare feet weren’t intertwined and pressed up against those sweaty, hairy man feet. But in all reality that is pretty effin’ gay for some straight dudes.

  12. Floyd_the_Barber

    Why come to a site, that is littered with offensive shit, and bitch because you’re offended? I’m offended that your offended. Seriously. (1)

  13. @10: Yes. Well really, just you. And Eric from up there in the OP. And you. If you can, note that I didn’t say anything about any other fag, just you… and Eric.

    So, we’re at a paradox, is this where you go on a self-righteous fanatic gay rant telling me how I’m a bad person because I don’t support YOUR lifestyle, nor do I particularly care for even thinking about another dude’s hairy ass, and I like breasts and vagina and procreation (and how all of that is wrong of me)? Hmm, is it?

    Save your ball-sweat breath, pillow biter – for any point you’re about to make is useless and insignificant. And you can stop crying now, you utterly useless cunt.

  14. @12: Exactly.

  15. I’m stunned… I might have Overreacted, when you commented on me being gay! You talk about like I should be ashamed on who I am and What makes me, Me! and don’t you think I’ve heard those words before! that I haven’t Cried myself to sleep knowing Others hated me for something I can’t change, for something I spend my Youth devoted to hiding, I might only be an twenty- two year old but sometimes it feels like other peoples hate have aged me in ways you can not understand. But do you know what I’m done crying, all the pain People has trown at me over the years has left me numb inside… And the was a time when I tought Suicide was the only way out, that I just had lay down to the kicks and beatings… So do you what know if your words had any affect? ask the Dozens of people who said them me before!

  16. @12 right on… everyone needs to get a sense of humor and if you dont have that dont fish around on the internet… youll get angry and sad a lot… and realize not every joke is aimed at you..

  17. Childofmay is in the right place, I guess. Lame…

  18. Did someone really state that they are ‘all cried out’ on lamebook? Good call bromo!

  19. And the month’s most Emo post goes to….

  20. Not going to name names but someone in this thread is sucking the fun out of it.

  21. But Jenny Slade isn’t even here yet.

  22. 12, then you’re no less guilty than the rest of us, now are you?

  23. Floyd_the_Barber

    I’m offended that you would think that! (10)

  24. Good tats, but I wouldn’t want to have to match with my friend. They should have just gotten the letters on their toes. That would be pretty sweet. Derek is probably a closeted gay guy.

  25. Oh, fuck this! Enough with all this crying shit. Fags will burn, just accept it and go taste rainbow somewhere else you whiny ass queer. 🙂

  26. God, its a shame that you idiots have ruined a once funny place for witty comments.

  27. so, to get this straight, ‘fuck bitches, get money’ = man whores?

  28. or bestiality porn stars?

  29. Yeah man, it’s just…horrible, this place! You’re not gonna cry yourself to sleep too, are you? I’d feel so ashamed!

  30. @15 Dude, I don’t think anybody beat and kicked you because you are gay. My guess is it’s because you’re one annoying fuck. Ghandi would give you an atomic wedgie had he spent 5 minutes with you.

  31. These comments are all gay.

  32. On the bright side, those tatts are definitely gonna get infected; then those crazy gaybos can have matching bloody leg stumps.

  33. ^ Bloody stumps which they will use to beat and kick Childofmay.

  34. Capn and Anne, not referring to you. I have enjoyed your comments for quite sometime. It’s all the trash above, everything is no longer funny….its just a sounding board for poor grammar, stupid thoughts and everything else that is related to gurgling diarrhea.

  35. Gurgling diarrhea makes your breath stink.

  36. It’s gay because it’s two GUYS putting their feet together. Jesus Christ childofmay

  37. I wonder if debating child rearing is in the “gurgling diarrhea” category. Maybe more the “so boring that I wasted an entire day in the one minute it took me to read that” category.

  38. @15 this is probably the gayest comment i’ve ever seen on lamebook.

    Am I the only one who remembers when most comments were hilarious and witty? Hell I came here just for the comments in all honesty. Now it seems like a bunch of babies who whine and complain about their feelings or some stupid shit.

    You can only make fun of people for their spelling now, and with only the approved list of insults. Pathetic.

  39. ^ Would you call that whining, or complaining, then?

  40. Teeko, you have ruined Lamebook comments forever. You encourage stupidity and this place is now a fuckhole for retarded idiots like you.

  41. Wow. I am powerful. You must hate that.

  42. May I ask, hackyshit, what you celebrated on July 4th?

  43. You know what? I am actually going to quit commenting and see if it can return to this magically hysterical place it use to be, which I have single handedly ruined for you. Goodness knows, it is up to the entire world to enhance your internet experience.

    I have been coming to this site for almost two years, and I don’t remember it ever being hysterical so that must be before my time

  44. This place is like a colostomy bag for your thoughts, you have no other means of communication. Hop in your Miata and drive into an nursing home. That would be funny. And everyone on here knows you are not going to quit commenting…..three….or four times in a row. It’s just who you are, you’re special and you suck with anything comedy related. Anyone else disagree? Toodles. *slaps cock in face

  45. Hey! Miatas deserve better than that!

  46. ^heh…a Miata deserving more? Sure says a lot, don’t it…

  47. I’d go with Pontiac Aztek, but a Miata probably works.

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