Monday, January 21, 2013

Don’t Fail Me Now

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  1. Get your big fat tits out, whore.

  2. hopefully the cop was either a woman or a gay dude.

  3. I hate stuff like this.

    “I’m a woman, therefore I’m going to act cheap and trashy and get my way with the nice police officer who will send me on my way after he sees a flash of my flesh”

    –and before you accuse me of sexism, men are at fault for going along with this shitty ploy and thinking with their dicks half the time.

  4. ^agreed^ dan. then when they get old and haggish and men stop paying so much attention to them, they wonder why.

    go ahead bitch. go through life using your appearance for your own benefit. someday you wont have it anymore and you won’t know what to do.

  5. I wonder if she’s getting pulled over because she was playing with her cell phone.

  6. Men, stop paying attention to us?? LOL when were they ever?

  7. @6, sorry cunt, you say something?

  8. Do ignore stubbyholder, judging by his name he’s an Australian. Probably thinks his name is witty, here’s a tip, redneck, nobody outside your inbred island calls them ‘Stubbies’

  9. I once showed a pair of tits to a copper to get off speeding.

    He was not impressed. Apparently he did not think a picture of Ant and Dec was going to cut the mustard.

  10. She’s lucky the cop didn’t think she was pulling a weapon on him as she was messing around with her phone. Hands on the steering wheel, lady!

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