Monday, September 16, 2013

Don’t Mess with Dad

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  1. Eat shit and die, you horrible bunch of bastards.

  2. Give it a rest Noobsauce

  3. Fuck you!

  4. Miss me?

  5. @2 – Noobsauce may be an angry bastard but he’s infinitely more entertaining than a Steeeever clone. In fact, where you’re concerned I agree with him, piss the fuck off you horrible bastard.

  6. We crazy crackers.

  7. Love the likes, haters:)

  8. Fuck off Hindu. Only person we miss here is Beatus.

  9. Sounds like something I would do. Not any of this shit above, the contents of the ACTUAL POST. And where is Beatus, huh?

  10. CUNTS

  11. Uh yea. That’ll keep your kids off the 4G.

  12. did beatus give a formal lamebook farewell or did he just randomly stop posting?

  13. How I hit a nerve of DanR’s – and I really don’t give a flying fuck

  14. YorkshirebornNBread

    annnnd the quality of comments has now reached the basement! Or should that be Retched??

  15. First off, you hashtag ass haters, I know beatus PERSONALLY. That badsumbitch cooks my meth. He only missing cause the TwackShack went boompow and the fuzz hit that poor cunthunter for three months in county. Got my dog hemmed up on attempted loitering. I was gonna pay da homie’s bail, but dude all said fuck them fucking pigs, nah’mean? At which point I be all, “Why you wanna stay up in hurr playa? I can get you out witta Jackson and half a can of corn-dogs.”
    Beatus simply smiled and said, “I don’t expect you to understand. You are and underling. I only expect you to comply.”
    “But why, sweet beatus, why?”

    “Because. I am balls in smart, and goddamn wait for it awesome.”

  16. Dude literally said, “You are and underling.”
    I was in awe as FUCK.

  17. ^what the fuck did you just say??

  18. He said he personally sucked Beatus’ dick.

  19. I have to give credit for a rather entertaining story, especially for “and underling.”

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