Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Don’t Sweat the Small Fries

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  1. How can his reply be later than original post?….

  2. Oh if ONLY there existed some way to get ketchup onto a burger without the aid of a fast food worker. Sadly, we have yet to discover such technology, so our OP remains ketchupless.

  3. Branchman67, if you get your food to go, and discover it once you’re home, you probably don’t want to bother going back.

  4. @1 earlier*

  5. RayChiTown,

    Wow…..dense much?

  6. If only there were some way to access that rare ketchup condiment at home…

  7. velocirrober, you are correct.

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  9. First world problems

  10. A method for acquiring and storing ketchup at HOME? Surely such a thing is the fevered dreams of madness! Nay, I am afraid such things are beyond the reach of mortal men. And so our poor, suffering OP shall wander the land, forever knowing only the sting of a dry meat patty sandwich. O, cruel fate!

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