Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sharing the Sex

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  1. I have no clue what the hell is going on in the third one. First one made me smile though.

  2. I believe what happened was that Jordan lost his damn mind.

  3. Yeah first one made me smirk, but the third had me cracked up!

    Wanna be gangsta boy not even sure if he’s eating pussy or dick lol then his mother gets in on it hahaha what a loser

  4. “Damn I hope it’s a girl” ??
    Your face is in his/her crotch, how are you confused on gender?

  5. Hmm, how do you read other peoples news feeds? Jordans family need to get educated on facebook. And Jordan just needs to get educated

  6. When the slang is so thick I can’t even determine what you’re trying to say. I think that’s a problem. Not as big as not knowing if it’s man or woman though…

  7. The first one was amusing but 3rd was a bit confusing on why Jordan hoped it was a girl’s pussy in his mouth…. anything else would a bit strange to say the least.

    Plus when he says “lil girl” I dearly hope to god that he means legal girls.

  8. The first one is obviously a joke he stole for his facebook.

  9. Oh man, you’ll only go down on a girl if she shaves every so often? That’s some REAL freaky sex shit right there! You’re mental, mate! Man, I’ve seen some messed-up fetishes in my time, but that… ohh, that takes the biscuit…

  10. So, the third one is really confusing and when I read it again I started thinking maybe the reason he doesn’t like it unshaved is because then he can’t tell if there’s more under the hair, like a penis? So if they’re not shaved then he can’t tell if it’s really a girl? But for that to make any sense WHAT so ever, which it doesn’t anyway, he needs to think penises are VERY small…

  11. No, he said he only goes down on a girl if she’s trimmed. Meaning her hair is short, but not gone, and not a Demi Moore bush.

  12. Jordan, I actually get why you’re questioning what you’d eaten – Mexican cuisine all looks and tastes the same to me.

  13. I think most of Jordan’s update is from rap lyrics… I recognize the first part “pussy in my mouth had me lost for words” is a Lil’ Wayne song. It seems to me like he must be a youngin’ the way his family is responding – or they just don’t understand how FB works 😀

    Parents yelling at their kids on FB is so funny to me.. I remember getting yelled at in the face – The world is so different now (only 10 years ago)

  14. Got a little excited when i read ‘sharing the sex’. What a let down. Where’s that Keona one when you need her. I’ve no doubt she’d liven things up 😉

  15. lol curly – I, too, was disappointed in the content of this post! It won’t be until later tonight that hopefully the pervs come out to make things interesting;)

  16. I’ll pobably miss it, I miss all the fun lol

  17. I’ve got to say, I side with Jordan on this one. If people don’t want to see every random sexual thought that pops into my filthy head then don’t fucking friend me on FB.
    Wait, you can’t do that, because I’m not a narcissistic moron, and thus I don’t HAVE FB. But the point remains: unfriend them if you don’t want to hear about them eating what might possibly have been Mexican pussy, which might possibly have been unshaved. Facebook is meant to replicate hanging with friends, not being at a formal banquet with your grandparents and parents.

  18. These were horrible. I’m going to angrily rage masturbate tonight to vent.

    @Valenya I’m a huge perv, but in a Tourette’s Guy angry crazy mood, I’ll get back to this later with a flirty mood.

  19. Keona: Like a boss. #Realtalk.

  20. hehe

  21. @xenophobia fo’ sho. Sorry guys. The Flirty mood I promised is not here. 🙁 It’s neutral. How boring.

  22. aww shame Keona, though yesterday’s talk of yarn porn etc, was beyond me anyway lol

  23. 1 & 2 were Lolworthy, even if stolen. Shawn made me laugh.

    #3 was just ridiculous! Umm, fake perhaps? The family is just a little TOO upset yet coherent about it. A more realistic reaction would be something like “Boy WTF is wrong witchu?!! I don’t wanna see this shit!” And if he was that young, I KNOW there would be a “You’re grounded!” somewhere. *shrugs*

    @#17-mad2 I’m with you on that one! No matter who my friends are I would not freak out or be disgusted by any of them posting something like Jordan did. Except for, in his case, I can’t even fucking READ it. So I would just shrug it off and move on. That’s just me though. I occasionally post some odd stuff (sexual, profane, violent, politically/religiously opinionated, etc) on my FB as well (though I do have young nieces/nephews friended whom I try to respect) and if my family/friends don’t like it…then either shrug it off like I would or fucking delete me. If that’s enough to bother you then I could give a shit. xP

  24. Oh dear Shelley, it looks like both you and I are narcissistic morons 😉

  25. BTW, finally thought I’d say “Hi everyone!” Long time lurker. One time poster. (haha) Lost my pw for a long time and was too lazy to retrieve it. ‘Til now for some odd reason.

    I tend to forget about LB for a while then check up on it every week or two until I run into the posts that I remember seeing already. lol. So, there will be periods where I’m non-existent then periods where I’m suddenly very active…then dead again for a while.

    Also, be forewarned that Keona now has some competition for the place of Biggest Female Pervert on Lamebook (damn I hope it’s a girl?). 😀

    Excuse me if I sounded cocky but it was mainly an excuse to use the all-too-obvious Jordan reference. OK now I deserve to be a victim of LB my damn self I’m sure… Oh well!

  26. @curlybap it is a shame. Damn mood swings.. I am a bit nuts. But I’m a safe nutter. Not a Charles Manson nutter. I don’t ever hurt myself or anyone when it happens. I just rage masturbate and rage fuck and Hulk rage a punching bag.

    @Shelley, ah, so you were in my ranks of my pervert lurker army as well then? You’ve made me proud, soldier. Knock ’em dead!
    Competition, eh? We’ll see about that 😉 Yes, I’m a girl.

  27. rage masturbate is a fabulous phrase lol

  28. Sadly, it’s not as satisfying as “happy as a swine in shit” masturbation. 🙁

  29. I read William’s update as “Carl” instead of “Cari” which made it sound like William had a little epiphany and realized he’d been batting for the wrong team the whole time.

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