Tuesday, September 27, 2011


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  1. Am I supposed to put something like my name with more r’s on the end?

  2. Here let me give you my SSN, all my pins, and how about I just send you an HD photocopy of my birth certificate.

  3. Oh yeah, ’cause Josh and Derek don’t seem like total slimeballs or anything. And Samantha is a damselfly waiting for her wings to be pulled off.

    Life is grand in Methville, Missouri.

  4. Dear Samantha,

    My name is Mr James Ford from the Nigerian Bank of the world. We have recantly became aware of 2.9 billion dollers that needs to be paid in to your account because we forgot to tell you about a long lost grandperent who owned….Microsoft. They have diad and despite the fact that they have nevar met you or have any idea who you are, they have deceded you are worthy of the inheritince.

    All we need from you to release the monie is your Full name, address, bank details, place of work, spouses/relatives names, login details to your email account, login details to your online banking account and your credit card details.

    Yours truly,

    Nigerian Bank of the World.

  5. @throwintofu, Bahahahah. That last line and especially “Methville, Missouri” almost made me pee my pants! I bow my hat to you, sir (or madam?).

  6. I can’t help but think her stupidity somehow causes her to deserve this a little bit.

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