Thursday, July 19, 2012

Don’t Worry Bro

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  1. From past experience, that’s true, bro.

  2. Fake.

  3. Gagaga breast milk.

  4. annoying_person

    It was me that posted this…

    Our was it?

    Not fake.

  5. And while you’re fucking the shit out of her and making her scream for more,
    Another guy is masturbating to her Facebook profile picture.

  6. I think that’s your best comment ever, beatusmongous!

  7. first time, long time….beatumongous, phenomenal.

  8. Just perfect, beatus. Nothing more to add.

  9. carlosspicyweiner

    yep, close the comments after 5.

  10. But… but carlosspicyweiner, then you wouldn’t have been able to share your awesomeness…

    beatus, I congratulate you, good sir.

  11. I wonder if…..I don’t know Beatus left me speechless. Well played good sir.

  12. When do I get the guy who listens n stuff :'(

  13. Listens? Where the fuck do you think you are ms riot? This is quite obviously a cock sucking thread….you know what…nevermind…you sit tight…I’ll just… over…here…

  14. I thought it was a circle jerk thread..?

  15. it is a circle full of jerks. and cocksuckers.

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  17. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    A circle jerk full of cocksuckers, that would be one hell of a feat. Add simultaneous reach-arounds and it would be Olympic-worthy.

  18. I might even care a bit about the olympic wank if they did that.
    who do I email about this?

  19. hmmm. I wonder which country would field the best team of wankers? And which country would win the gold in American Arse Licking?

  20. Thanks for stroking my ego, everyone. That was fun.

  21. I was gone or I would have said the same, beatus. Well played, good sir.

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