Thursday, July 19, 2012

Finding Tony

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  1. This.



  2. annoying_person




  3. You.



  4. Suck.



  5. Toonces1000.

    I just did that to break up the routine.

  6. ^I am not a cat. I can only imitate like-sized matter.

  7. ^I did not think you could pile shit that high.

  8. Bathsaltbitch, I did not think you were real.

  9. How can a nigga be orange? I thought they only came in black.

  10. ^prison jumpsuit.

  11. touche, annie.

  12. Anne, I strew rose petals in your path.

  13. carlosspicyweiner

    hogben, you suck.

  14. I’m with T1000, you guys are fake!

  15. I really don’t understand why we keep giving t1000 a reason to troll. Let him comment alone, he only likes to feed off of others replies. Anyone else sick of being greeted by the comments section with a big bold “fake!”? What also baffles me is how Tony can openly call a clown-fish quote “nigga.” He ain’t black homie!

  16. ^You my good sir, are FAKE!

  17. the dick-sucking in that other thread must have spilled over into here.

  18. ^If you wanted in on the action, all you had to do is ask, everyone in here seem so accomodating:-)

  19. I’ll just go ahead and do whatever the fuck I want, asshole. I don’t need any fucking bullshit made-up permission from you.
    what a cunt.

  20. ^You are fake.

  21. ^fuck you

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  23. ^stinky indian

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