Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rightful Responses

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  1. Ben, Stever, Stephan, Frodo, Julie and James. I got them all now.

  2. I actually lol’ed at the first one…. Epic win-ness!

    I do think Serena Williams love tennis so much that tis might be true!

    I would of gave that dollar the church, it might convince the priests to stop molesting ittle children… for about 10mins…!

  3. I was SO going to have the first comment, but I forgot my password and couldn’t log in. 🙁 Not that I care that much… *sniff sniff*
    Posts were alright. 🙂

  4. POOPEY pants in my mouth

  5. I was going to make a joke about that being Serena Williams’ penis, but then I realized she could crush my skull to the size of a blueberry with her thighs. So, nice dildo.

  6. Emilbert.
    What a name.

  7. Emilbert. I’m just trying to picture the parents standing over the birth certificate going “emilbert!” together. he must have had his face pummeled in school.

  8. Can somebody explain to me what happened to the tennis ball?

  9. i can only conjecture, having read teo’s comment, that serena made like the ball was a romeo y julieta.

  10. cue Anonisgayisgay with his heartfelt review of Alord’s current and past performances on the comments section..

  11. Dukey Smoothy Buns, remember that time alord did that thing that I remind you he did on EVERY comments section?

    Remember the time I wished I was a troll, but nobody gave enough of a shit about my comments to be even half as annoyed with me as they were with yoink and FakeBoz?

    Man, I do a mean anonisgayisgay impression.

  12. @Hobo, I don’t remember that, but I vaguely recall something about Alord’s love of being taken by a trucker.

  13. Then my work as a wannabe troll here is done.

  14. look, guys, that was an embarrassing past chapter in my life.
    john ran off with a waitress from ihop, if you must know.
    i’m getting on with my life as best i can.

  15. High schoolers and mature women who look ready to retire. Which one did he choose alord?

  16. i’ll have you know i look very good for my age!
    and i’m not even thinking about retirement yet. pic-a-chic pays a great wage, and i’ve just been promoted from the de-beaking line to the bagging line. when they’ve been dressed and de-feathered it’s less traumatic – they just look like cute little football helmets. 🙂

  17. I havebt seen anon since he called me a nazi sympathizer. I told him/her that I pick on the people I like too. Anon didn’t appreciate that to much.

    Now I have to read the post again because of my comment induced ADD.

  18. Alli obviously wasn’t very memorable. I’m not sure she should point that out to the world at large.

  19. Jessica was counting them in one session not all together.

    Robbie, I have never forgotten about anybody that I have slept with. Not that I know of any way.

    I thought the same thing when I seen it Aaron.

    Emilbert. I think you have bigger problem that your coke laden stripper bill.

  20. I heart Mason

    I believe that defective user is correct.. someone’s got a crush on alord… NOT INCLUDING the trucker.

  21. Jessica you’re not a slut because you sleep with men you’re a slut because you let them fuck you whilst fingering your arse.

  22. It’s all furry! And…bluzzy? No?

    The 3rd one gives “keeping the tennis balls under your skirt while playing” a whole new meaning. That explains those horrid but very amusing yelps during women’s tennis game.

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