Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Double Douche Day

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  1. I bet Darryn ‘gets off to himself’ a lot.

  2. Ben 2

    Darryn’s a homo. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  3. Ryan took the words right out of my mouth. Unfortunately I now have to use my mouth to lick Darryn’s nut sack. I wonder if he waxed it like his chest.

  4. Someone licking Darryn’s nutsack would be the most action he’s had since 2007. We all know that there is not necessarily a correlation between how buff a dude is and how often he gets laid, particularly when he is the kind of tool who would post that kind of piffle on his Facebook.

  5. Nice pink dress hanging up there Darryn…I’m sure all yo’ bitches down at Cocks in Frocks go gaga for the white frills on the bottom that ooze “Alpha” *hott* stuff there stud-muffin!

  6. Darryn is also wearing a headband. Or a shower cap..

  7. @terribletimes: i think it is a skullcap.

  8. yeah those white undies are so hot. lol Wonder how he can walk with all those muscles.

  9. I’m sure there’s actually plenty of people who would be happy to lick Darryn’s nut sack.

    The ‘roids, however, have left said sack so shriveled and tiny that even the most enthusiastic hunter would need a truffle-sniffing pig on a leash to locate the nads on that narcissist.

  10. Dancinganimal256

    Um, what do you call a guy who ‘gets off to himself’?

  11. All I’ve heard about is #2. What do you guys think of the first one?

  12. G.P. – What do YOU think?

  13. Dancinganimal256

    I with Ryan on the first one. Lot of bs going around considering that they are mostly just rephrasing or agreeing with the original status.

  14. Darryn wouldn’t be such a tool if he didn’t comment on his own picture

  15. cupidscurse – He’d only be marginally less of a tool. His post is toolbaggery on many levels.

  16. @throwingtofu: agreed.

    @Grammar Police: i didn’t comment on #1 but it is so clearly Ryan FTW. and SharkBait did comment at 3.

  17. krasivaya_devushka

    Does he think that’s attractive? Cause it really isn’t; it’s more gross than anything.

  18. Ryan. <3

  19. PeachyFuckinKeen

    Ryan wins!!

  20. @Dcrearview: a skullcap as in, a Jewish kippah? Oh… well at least i’m glad he’s practicing his faith whilst taking semi-nude photos of himself for facebook

  21. Holy douchetastic, Batman!

    Ryan – nicely put!

  22. @terribletimes: if that is a kippah it is awfully large. no, i mean more along the lines of the ski-type hat the tough guys and ganstas like to wear.

  23. @Dcreaeview….don’t ruin it for me, the idea of him wearing a kippah makes it so much better

  24. hahahaha I know Darryn…. he was a scrawny little prick in middle school and got a napoleon complex and now he’s probably the biggest tool on earth.
    @krasivaya_devushka He totally thinks he’s hot… I don’t think anyone else does.

  25. Lick that lil bitty thing Darryn? Nah, but thanks.

  26. Tofu: I am not clever enough to formulate an opinion of my own.

    And sorry, but who the hell is Ryan?

  27. I hope Darryn gets raped by a gorilla.

  28. get*

  29. it’s odd how there seems to be a direct correlation between retarded spellings of names and douchebaggery/whorishness. You just KNOW a Darryn is going to be a giant douche, while Jazmin is going to be a big giant whore.

  30. Ryan wins by stating the obvious – although I do wonder if Davey, Ben, Rick, Frank, and/or Richard did manage some get some of their own “Amanda time” out of their comments.

    I wonder what is the exact composition of Darryn’s pure straight alpha dominance. I’d estimate 75% steroids, 15% vowelless spelling of the first name, and 10% pure douchebag.

  31. krasivaya_devushka

    What the hell is that around his head? And if you’re the only one commenting on your picture saying you’re hot, chances are that most likely no one else thinks so.

  32. he’s wearing a beanie (hat) am I really the only one that can see it? It’s brown… so I guess the top could be mistaken for hair.

  33. krasivaya_devushka

    Oh yeah, that makes sense! I thought it was hair lol

  34. Oh please, alpha male my ass. I’m sure he still lives at home, just trying to be man of the house.

  35. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    #2 = idiot

  36. lol

  37. I <3 malteaser.

  38. I <3 vanity muskelz.

  39. I think Darryn is in the middle of a giant cocaine binge…

  40. @cupid: Actually, he was already a tool just for posting that picture. The comment was an added bonus that even surprised me.

  41. “My god” at number 2…. I seriously gagged a little. I’m HOPING the comment at the photo is a joke, because there is surely no worse douchebaggery then that. But oh that body is disgusting…

  42. bert_and_pattie

    Ryan FTW!

  43. #2 really isn’t bad looking, but why did he pull his pants up so high?

  44. Davey,Richard,Ben,Rick,STFU already!!!!

  45. #2, there’s not muck to lick, so i’ll stick to laughing

  46. Ryan is a fuckin funny guy and Darryn is the definition of a fuckin “Manimal” haha

  47. Darryn’s obviously stuffed a few socks down there. Those thighs are enormous, unattractively so, and he looks like he’s wearing his sister’s headband on his head. Other than that, not bad. Shame he’s a narcassist.

  48. fucking Ryan.,, lol I’d be fucking pissed at Him too.,. lol.,. mthrfckr got me loling over here.,. what a cockblock.,. lol

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