Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Time for Type

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  1. I assume “fuck” pond is supposed to be “duck” pond. That makes me think of Doctor Who and now I’m happy. 🙂

  2. hmmm…fuck pond…sounds like suits are prohibited….

  3. D’oh! I mean “BEN!!!!!!11!!”

  4. Last one made me laugh 😛

  5. Sigh. There are so many deserving kids who can’t afford college. And then there’s the kids in the first post…who somehow managed to graduate. I think they deserve a party by the fuck pond.

  6. Spanish typos, the epitome of the typo. I’m glad that I was able to witness this event.

  7. I really hate these typo ones that LB posts. None of them are actually funny.

  8. He probably actually does mean fuckpond.

  9. With all fairness, Heather’s degree is in child psychology. She had a few traumatizing experiences as a child and thus, will be able to relate to those that are put in her care. It won’t matter that her spelling is atrocious and her body odor is suspect, she’ll be able to help those children with the ability and knowledge that only she possesses.

    Don’t listen to the haters, Heather, God Speed my child….. God.Speed.

  10. Fuck pond is where we all go to fuck. OBVIOUS….

  11. @teeda, I agree. I’ve met some pretty idiotic people in college. It’s depressing.

    @mcowles, I think that was the pinnacle of typing errors. Just because of the literal translation versus the intended statement.

  12. LOL @ mcowles!

  13. ah, the fuck pond. i love it.

  14. Maybe it’s easier to graduate from ‘colege’ than it is to graduate from college.

  15. @mcowles – that is awesome. I think I love you.

  16. NormanEinstein

    I will be at fuck pond, and I’m bringing Elise.

  17. Dumbest chick I ever met graduated from an Ivy League school.

  18. Someone tell me where I can find this fuck pond!

  19. #4 Isn’t that funny. If you listen to all the screaming crying 13 year old girls shouting his name ” Oh my goawdit’sjustinjustinbeiberhavemybabiesjustinbeieber!!!!!” I could see it being mistaken for 1 word.

  20. Yeah, the fuck pond sounds fun. Until you realize what that pond is filled with.

  21. Semenfish.

  22. Going to go out on a limb but I would assume Heather is an English major.

  23. The Fuck Pond? I don’t really want to get algae on my business.

  24. The Fuck Pond is the only funny one. The others aren’t even lame 🙁

  25. CommentsAtLarge

    In the fuck pond, you may catch something you can’t throw back.

  26. lol

  27. MonkeyCMonkeyDo


  28. The fuck pond made me laugh a lot.

    I’m guessing Elise was trying to be clever by posting a status in Spanish.

  29. pearls-before-swine

    Something about “it awesome” on the first one made me laugh.

    And ‘fuck pond’? I see that was done on a cell phone. Damn T-9. How unfortunate… and hilarious…

  30. I’m guessing that Chantal is about 45

  31. I love that it is a sound of music picnic at the Fuck pond Julie Andrews getting it on with ducks?

  32. Oh goodness gracious..

    -God’s investment(His Son) in you was so great, he could NEVER abandon you!-

  33. I’m guessing graduating from “colege” is a lot like buying krab at the grocery store. Close, but not the same.

  34. “This one time, at band camp…” Ah those sweet, sweet moments at the fuck pond with my obliging flute…. *sigh*

  35. ok i registered just to say that i love lamebook but most of the comments are terrible. please stop writing terrible comments that are not funny. this website is awesome and you are ruining the quality of it. thank you for your time.

  36. @ththth

    I actually happen to think many of the commentors on this site are rather witty (especially myself). I’ll give you the benfit of the doubt and assume your comment is meant to be ironic.

  37. Oh YHVH, that poor exclamation mark…

  38. drcoolboy: no, it’s not..lol…i cant believe you just called yourself witty 😮

  39. youre not supposed to say that!

  40. 😉

  41. Don’t cha just love the screaming fan girls, its like stfu and start being mature, i’m 13 i don’t even like his music but i HATE his fan girls they annoy me so much, when ever i see girls like this i facepalm and shake my head, its sad really.

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