Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Double Fail

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  1. Dawn of the Dan

    Hasa diga eebowai.

  2. Paranoid Android72

    ‘I am a jelly doughnut’ as once said the greatest ever American president.

    In completely unrelated news, I have just attached several washing pegs to my scrotum for my own amusement.

  3. will try repeating “I am a jelly doughnut” the next time they visit my house.

  4. He tried something that so far has only worked one time. How many times has he tried? And why does he keep at it? It doesn’t seem like a good tactic for this guy. Perhaps try Swahili or Burmese or something, instead.

  5. Not to nerd it up, but JFK said it right. that jelly doughnut thing isn’t true.

  6. if he didn’t want to talk to them, why not just be honest and tell them that? mormons are usually nice and understanding people. it’s not like they would’ve been butthurt about it.

  7. He could have just sat there at his sister’s home and not open the door… they’ll go away if you don’t give them attention.

  8. I hate the damn religious salesmen. Why anyone would feel the need to be polite to those ass holes I do not know. Just do what I do, open the door say “no thank you” loudly and clearly then slam the door.

  9. Just give one of them a big hug until they pull away and move to the next house.

    This technique was perfected by Phil Conners in dealing with Needle-Nosed Ned Ryerson the Insurance salesman in Groundhog Day.

  10. Are you happy to greet a vacuum salesman, Friendzone?

  11. Halt deine verfluchte Schnauze.

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  13. #10 Nope I hate those fuckers too. I know where I can go to buy a god damn vacuum. Though the funniest door to door salesperson was a 16-17 year old girl in a see through shirt with a black lacy bra on under it. Selling ‘all natural’ cleaning spray. In order to demonstrate that it was safe for people she literally deep throated the feeder hose for the spray nozzle. And before you ask no I did not fuck her life isn’t a fucking porno, but I did laugh for a good 10 minutes. I even considered buying some just cause I firmly believe that kind of whoring should be rewarded.

  14. ^ An old neighbor of mine had a high-school kid selling magazines knock on his door. The kid’s premise wasn’t, “I have a cool product for YOU,” but rather, “You have something for ME.” The kid started his presentation with, “Sir, you can help ME go on a trip around the world!” while he puts his arms out like an airplane and slowly turns around. My neighbor, and old, crotchety dude, looks at him and says, “You can start by walking,” and closes the door.

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