Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Double Standards

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  1. Is eating a dorito off someones genitals frowned upon?? Asking for mobydykman and. StupidDane.

  2. If you keep putting other peoples genetials in your mouth, you better do a good job! Otherwise it is your own fault when you get raped!

  3. StupidDane was forced to eat Daddys genitals for six years

  4. This amused me. He should have left it online for a few days before self-submitting though.

  5. Depends on whose genitals you’re sicking in there

  6. If you spend all day in your mom’s basement making sure you’re first to post on Lamebook, it’s your own fault if you get raped. BTW, fuck off Stever.

  7. This person knows their stuff.

  8. I generally don’t put ALL of the genitals in my mouth, just SOME of the genitals.

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  10. I hate I hate Stever

    I’m gonna fucking rape you I Hate Stever, you fucking parasite!

  11. What about taking genitals in your mouth that’s been on the floor? The analogy fails.

  12. What about shut the fuck up and choke on a ballsack?

  13. BorderlineDane

    depends on how often you shower

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