Sunday, September 2, 2012

The New Girl

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  1. Bring_back_fingering

    If she had a bell they could call her Lo Ding.

  2. This. Is. Fake.

  3. I hear bells. Do you hear bells?

  4. Why she had to mention her race is beyond me. Someone should put a gag on her.

  5. It’s because asians are short.

  6. ^google ‘world’s tallest woman’.

    then stfu.

  7. It honestly surprises me, you fucks are still alive. Where do you find time in the day to do normal day to day activities. Like eat/sleep/ use a toilet. better yet , socialise in real world events ?

  8. it honestly depresses me that you’re still alive.
    I keep scanning the news for when they discover your partially-mummified corpse – complete with the suffocated remains of the guinea pig in your ruptured colon.

  9. but on another note, i missed ya’ll. and i never quite understood sexual pleasure jokes about small rodents inside the butthole, maybe you can elaborate on the pleasures of this?

  10. Did she at least apologize for getting in the way by giving you a happy ending, op? All asians are good for at least 1 free pass, right? Just be careful, if she’s got some flip in her she might be a trip…flippys are know for that sorta sorcery!

  11. TTF, isn’t Mel Gibson into that kinda thing? Maybe you should ask him. I think it’s weird, myself. I mean, what kind of weird fuck would actually get pleasure from a hamster nibbling around in their rectal cavity?!?

  12. ^and if you’re reading this gibby, or one of you pr people are…Your movies suck…I mean, they really suck…passion of the the christ would have been better if you made it into some sorta christian oriented porn flick, and dominatrix’s nailed that jew to the cross and whipped him instead. Now THAT would have been fucking HOT!

  13. ^ google ‘average height by country’.

    Then stfu.

  14. dafuqs that got to do with hamsters in your ass, handjobs and christian porn flicks? Answer me that cocksucker! I don’t have have to google shit….but if you want, google lemon party and then, fucking blow me, queer. I know better than to giggle anything people like you recommend on lamebook…next thing you know I’m out on the webz googling average height by cuntry with safesearch off and some shit about penis size will pop up, maybe that’s your thing, bud, but it ain’t mine. Now, on your knees, tool. It’s time for you to repent for your sins like a good little alter boy! If you do a good job, maybe I’ll even hook you up with some of jesus’s blood…I mean, communion wine!

  15. what? Is this thread going to turn into a pissing contest or something?

  16. short, racist people are so touchy.

  17. , as long as they keep their grubby little paws off me we’ll be ok…for the most part…I still don’t like them..

  18. Alex, I’ll take trying too hard by capnjaques for 200 dollars…

  19. Trying too hard? Bitch I bet you couldn’t come up with half of that shit if you were given a week and an encyclopaedia of “fucked up shit to think of” while watching Romper Stomper over, and over again. Gimme yo’ money!

  20. ‘We came to wreck everything, and ruin your life. God sent us’

    love that movie

  21. LOL, the Holocaust denier at #16 just played the racism card, but don’t dare argue – she’s BETTER INFORMED THAN YOU.

    *If you consider sources such as The Socialist Echo and Fourtean TV as being ‘solid’ historical sources.

  22. ^you yids really need to learn to let stuff go.

  23. Well, Lamebook has not changed…

  24. holocaust? what holocaust?

  25. Ha! Fuckers! We (the USA) have you Aussies beat by 1/2 inch! Booyah bitches! And it looks like 7 of the shortest 10 countries by average height are Asian, in some way. Seems legit to me!

    I rike the detail in announcing the race of the woman he bumped into; shows great attention detail.

  26. ^That just means you Yanks are more likely to bang your head on the doorway 😛

  27. ^that’s because we don’t have as many african-american basketballers.
    it’s fucking true.

  28. My head hurts.

    Not from these comments, mind you. And not from banging my head on the doorway, either.

    This time, I ducked.

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