Thursday, December 17, 2009

Down & Dirty




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  1. *sigh* just plain lame.

  2. SECOND!

  3. The Scarlet Pimple

    goddamn, another reason to hate Lady Gaga.

  4. jack and leila need to learn that conversations like that is why god created unlimited texts NOT facebook……..

  5. lol. God created unlimited texts? who knew

  6. Why must Leila be so passive? Does she really do whatever Jack tells her to do?

  7. Do they really think their friends (and now us) want to read about how much they cry during their gay sex or if they are going to do it in the fucking snow?

    Lamebook FTW

  8. RZ: Thank you for not posting “first!”

    And also, what does Michael have against Minis, or I assume particularly, men driving Minis?

    I also definitely just read Khalid’s status in an even grosser way…not tears as in crying, but tears as in rips. OUCH! I hope it wasn’t intended in that manner, lol!

  9. “I Like It Rough” is definitely not a good song to… do that to.

  10. that couple is sooo lame xxxxxxxx

  11. ^ I concur. xxxxxxxx

  12. Are all the X’s really necessary?? LAME!

  13. but from khalid’s comment it’s pretty obvious his friends logged in as him and wrote that, right?

  14. Jack and Leila must die.

  15. It somehow seems wrong that it’s the girl wanting to hear the song about rough sex and the guy wanting the one about undying love.

  16. LOL @ above posts – hee hee. I must agree, it’s Lamebook FTW. I don’t think that tears or tears (sic) is a good way to promote lubrication. Anal is fun, as long as there is enough lube involved… I think he meant tears as in crying, ’cause good lord, that doesn’t make sense. *Shrieks in horror of phantom pain in rectum*

    As for the rough sex/slow sex combo. They haven’t had enough practice. If they did, they would know that even if you start it off nice and slow, you can turn it around anytime!

  17. Back in the day we used to go to the pub and somewhere during the banter there might have been a nudge-nudge-wink-wink moment. That barest of details was all we needed to know about a friend’s sex life.

    I’ve hardly batted an eyelid since those times and suddenly people blurt “LOOK WE HAVE SEX GIVE US APPLAUSE!!” to all & sundry on facebook or some other texting format.

    Gawd, excuse me but I’m going back to the pub now. Hope they haven’t morphed into internet cafés since.

    (Oh, and Khalid, leave the “Keep me logged in” box unchecked the next time you do facebook at the offices and go on a lunch break!)

  18. Leila needs to learn how to be more assertive.

    She should get strapped up and give Jack some loving, Khalid stylee.

  19. @Imamofo: You have a very dirty mind. Naughty boy, but your missus must be very happy.

    Personally, I’d like to give Claire a test drive. I’d get under her bonnet and oil all her moving parts before riding her around the block to see if I could make her wheels come off. I bet she already has a lot of miles on the clock though.

    And why has her ‘no pic’ pic been pixelated?

  20. @Mercure: I usually keep the missus drugged up to a certain level, which renders happiness all but impossible, luckily it also renders her escape improbable too.

    They’ve pixelated her pic because that is her ACTUAL face, Claire is getting banged in the back of cars because she’s an Albino, with no eyes and no mouth. Otherwise she’d be getting it in a Travelodge or sommat.

  21. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Haha – Claire, I get myself into trouble my making statements like that. But you’re funny and I like it.

    Khalid’s clearly been fraped, which negates any lameness.

    And the last couple are both shit in bed. There is no way that choosing Lady Gaga as your sexual soundtrack is going to make you any good in the sack.

  22. Hitme , something about cars you d like to share ? hehe

  23. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ Father Sha – hehe – I think you know all you need to know 😉

  24. Lady GaGa Ha ha that is proper garbage sex

  25. Hickory dickory dock
    Claire was sucking my cock
    the clock struck two, I shot my goo
    and dropped her off in the next block!

  26. Hahahaaa @ Imamofo just realised about Claires picture!!! Quality !!

  27. They pixellated a non-picture picture? LOL.

  28. You guys have a dirty mind. Clearly, Claire simply meant that she’s an excellent driver!

  29. Hahaha! Blurring out Claire’s default icon photo is genius.

  30. LMAO blurring Claire’s default is hilarious.

  31. Now, now, Claire is a good mechanic eh?

  32. Claire knows her way around the ole monkey wrench

  33. I get the feeling Jack won’t be able to keep it up out there in a snow drift, so Leila won’t have to put up with his shitty music for long. I’m also sure the neighbors will appreciate this unspectacular show.
    I’m into freaky stuff, but seriously, does this sound appealing to anyone other than an Inuit?

  34. oooh Jack and Leila are going to make dirty snow angels! That is so unfair!! I want to make some!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  35. LMAO @ Undying Love… that’s funny because the song is about walking in the house to find your girl fucking some other guy and killing them both.

  36. ^^ hahahahah xxxxxxxxx

    seriously..what’s up with the x?

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