Thursday, December 17, 2009

And The Winner Is …





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  1. Nathan appears to be fairly familiar with Chris’ penis.

  2. Heath FTW

  3. Am loving the nob emoticons, but what is the best way of doing it to cause the most offence?



    8====D – .

  4. Heath For the win. She deserves it.

  5. Hahaha froggy style. Awesome.

    @ Camil: Isn’t Heath a man’s name?

  6. LOL Heath and Chris FTW!

    Ok, forgive me for sounding clueless, but what is this?? –> (*o*)

    I get what the other thing is, but kinda confused on that.

  7. Tim is priceless! I applaud him!!!

    Froggy Style? Classic! I will have to give that possie a go!

    @Beckyboo: It’s a Blowjob πŸ™‚

  8. That frog’s not gay… he’s on TOP!!

  9. I love the fact that Vladimir misses his sea monkeys. I thought only five-year-olds had pet sea monkeys.

  10. I have a massive headache

  11. The Scarlet Pimple

    oh, nice job Heath.

  12. runningwithscissors

    (*o*)<– I thought it was surprise oral.

  13. @ Insane – Of course you would know that THAT signifies a blowjob. πŸ™‚ I love you all the more… Now where is that damn santa hat? And where is SeeBea?

  14. Actually guys, this: (*o*) is a butt with a gaping hole. Tim is calling Colin a fag.

  15. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Oooh, I’m never going to have regular sex again. Froggy style all the way. Fantastic.

  16. Colin is a Cock Pig, fancy turning on your own generation like that, he deserves everything he gets.

  17. @ Imamofo

    Well, to be honest I hate my generation too. If I had my way I’d be born during the era of free love. πŸ˜‰

  18. @Dee
    What’s stopping you from making yours the new generation of free love?

  19. God bless human beings. 10,000 years of human technological advancement has yielded powerful computers capable of producing illustrations of penises, asses, and breasts – all through simple alphanumeric keystrokes.

    With that being said, allow me to contribute to the forward movement of our species:


  20. *Glaring at SeeBea* Wtf? I thought you were mine? I am so going to see your sorry ass on Jerry Springer! *Pokes a finger in SeeBea’s eye* It’s not fair… you treat me so badly! *Runs away sobbing*

  21. @Dee: Where is the generation of free love now eh?

    Their all old and grey and withered by the crippling STD’s they were all so blasΓ© about, they are now a generation of walking syphilis and clap bags.

    Now generation X, that was generation to be proud of!

  22. Frog style is hot.

  23. Tim FTW! Lol, it was so incomprehensible it had to come from a genius 8======D (*o*)

  24. @19 Bucky, the ancient Romans would have been so proud of us.

  25. Free love is dead. Now it’s all rap and guns. Boo.

  26. @Dee: At least the frogs are trying to bring back some free lovin’ with the old in-out-in-out.

  27. Whistles Jingle bells rock while on the plane to south Africa with Santa hat and SeeBea in hand.

    OK well hows about a BJ looks like this: 8=====D~~~ XD

  28. @Insane:
    “OK well hows about a BJ looks like this: 8=====D~~~”
    The frogs shall help with that one.

  29. @ Maralie

    Ah, yes. Too bad people eat the frogs.

  30. @Maralie: You forgot the weird looking smiley face ” XD “. But yes you are right, the seamonkeys [frogs etc] all over the face are a dead give away.

  31. @Insane:
    Oops, my mistake. I actually took that as laughter, not a smiley enjoying the ‘rain’, heheh.
    Lol, I forgot about the seamonkeys…SEAMONKEYS FTW!

    Aaw, people should let the frogs be. They could teach them a thing or two about the free lovin’

  32. you guys are laughing at this stupid shit?

  33. @dracula: Better our funnies than your funnies. By the way that was sarcasm because apparently you don’t know how to laugh, to how to make others laugh.

  34. @Insane:
    There’s no need to try to change people like dracula. He’s angry because od his deprivation of sunlight. Too much lamebook creeping can do that to a person 😐

  35. *of

  36. @Maralie: Thank you. I failed to think of it that way. Poor old pathetic Dracula.

  37. @Insane:
    Haha, no problem!

  38. hahaha, froggy style, so simple…

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