Thursday, December 17, 2009

Picture Perfect



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  1. About the 2nd picture: It’s not the picture itself that is horribly lame (which… it is), it’s more the caption underneath.

  2. Get out of my f*ckin tree you idiots

  3. Dear Ricardo,

    We are not against your “love” we just don’t like you.
    No one cares now or ever about your relationship … die.

  4. LOL.

  5. Ah emo monkey love! Is there any other kind?

  6. Blooming dorks

  7. Save for Sensible Madness.. methinks that everyone here is a bit envious of these two couples..

  8. Know why the second one is lame? There are THORNS on the branch. Or, at very least, spiky twigs. Ouch.

  9. I don’t know- the guy in the 2nd pic looks like he is cute…

  10. @deanna: I would paint all four of them with my love cream! aint no hatin from here yo!

  11. How much sex did Kyli have to promise that boy in order to get him to agree to participate in such a nauseating photoshoot?!

  12. @Insane- LOL! They seem to have enough love cream to go around ; )

  13. @deanna: so my love cream isn’t needed here? 🙁 Sharing is caring, and I care alot ;). Oh well, I will have to find others to share it with.

  14. Holy crap… they’re not both chicks in the first one?

  15. For a second I thought that was one of my friends (the guy). And then I realized, no, it’s not him because his girlfriend’s teeth are fucked up and hers aren’t! I’m awful. I know.

  16. I don’t see what’s wrong with the second one. Sure it’s a little cheesy, but no more cheesy than any other “couple” picture on Facebook

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